February 28, 2021
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Using VB to Build Your Web Site

  • By Sam Huggill
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For instance, take this site. When I first designed it back in August '98, I knew virtually nothing about Visual Basic programming although I did know a fair bit about HTML and web design. At that time I redesigned the site twice because I couldn't get a domain name (the first attempt was for a domain name).  Anyway, after about 3/4 months of the site being up, I decided to redesign it again. This was manual work, and with (at the time) about 160 tips to transfer it took ages. Copy/paste the basic page design and then paste in the code; format it; and save it. What a job.

I then redesigned the site again, but this time, to save me copying and pasting the basic design, I made a basic program that did this for me. I called it 'PageGen'. Although this program is now in Version 4, it still works on the same principle. I type in the title of the page, select whether it will be in the root directory, a sub directory or a sub sub directory, select a place to output it to and press OK. The program took a header (from a text box), added the title tag and the body tag, and finished of the HTML of the page. Easy.

Then (not again!) I redesigned the site (don't worry, this time it's the current design!). This time I decided to use include files (.inc) to contain the header and footer HTML. The header contains the links down the left and right hand side, the big VB Square image and the link underneath that.

What is now PageGen 4 worked by almost the same mechanism. Inserts the basic HTML frame with the navbar, subnavbar or memnavbar for the appropriate directory. Anyway, I'm sure you're getting bored of all this old news. Lets build something.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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