January 27, 2021
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Anything to declare?

  • By Sam Huggill
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The print dialog is a useful function. The following code will give you access to this functionality:

Private Type PrintDlg 
  lStructSize As Long 
  hwndOwner As Long 
  hDevMode As Long 
  hDevNames As Long 
  hdc As Long 
  flags As Long 
  nFromPage As Integer 
  nToPage As Integer 
  nMinPage As Integer 
  nMaxPage As Integer 
  nCopies As Integer 
  hInstance As Long 
  lCustData As Long 
  lpfnPrintHook As Long 
  lpfnSetupHook As Long 
  lpPrintTemplateName As String 
  lpSetupTemplateName As String 
  hPrintTemplate As Long 
  hSetupTemplate As Long 
End Type 
Private Declare Function PrintDlg_
  Lib "comdlg32.dll"_
  Alias "PrintDlgA" _
(pPrintdlg As PrintDlg) As Long 
Private Sub Command1_Click() 
Dim tPrintDlg As PrintDlg 
tPrintDlg.lStructSize = Len(tPrintDlg) 
tPrintDlg.hwndOwner = Me.hWnd 
tPrintDlg.hdc = hdc 
tPrintDlg.flags = 0 
tPrintDlg.nFromPage = 0 
tPrintDlg.nToPage = 0 
tPrintDlg.nMinPage = 0 
tPrintDlg.nMaxPage = 0 
tPrintDlg.nCopies = 1 
tPrintDlg.hInstance = App.hInstance 
lpPrintTemplateName = "Print_
Dim a 
a = PrintDlg(tPrintDlg) 
If a Then 
lFromPage = tPrintDlg.nFromPage 
lToPage = tPrintDlg.nToPage 
lMin = tPrintDlg.nMinPage 
lMax = tPrintDlg.nMaxPage 
lCopies = tPrintDlg.nCopies 
'Printing stuff here 
End If 
End Sub

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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