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Visual Basic Database Tutorial - Part 4

  • November 20, 2002
  • By Karl Moore
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When it comes down to databases, you can do virtually everything in code. Here are a few of the top properties and methods of the Recordset object for you to play around with:

  • MoveNext - Moves to the next record in the Recordset
  • MovePrevious - Moves to the previous record
  • MoveFirst - Moves to the first record
  • MoveLast - Moves to the last record
  • Edit - Enters edit mode, for changing fields
  • Update - Saves any edits
  • AddNew - Adds a new, empty record
  • Delete - Deletes the current record
  • RecordCount - (Number) Returns the number of records currently accessed (move to the last record to get total number of records)
  • BOF - (Boolean) Hit when you step before the first record in a Recordset
  • EOF - (Boolean) Hit when you pass the last record in a Recordset
  • Indeed, using these simple properties and methods you could very simply replicate all the functionality of the Data control.

    Go on, have a go! Try to build a simple Customer browsing application, similar to the one we created in the third tutorial.

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