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Review of Transcender Exam Simulations

  • November 20, 2002
  • By Karl Moore
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For those nerds that haven't actually had the pleasure of sitting an amazingly exciting Microsoft examination, allow me to elucidate.

Back in the good ol' days I was talking about, folks like myself had a problem. Anyone could put "Visual Basic" on his or her CV - there was no real way of measuring knowledge.

Heck, I once read a pamphlet on economics, but don't want the job of Eddie George.

So in order to distinguish the I've-clicked-on-the-Visual-Basic-icon-'ers from the I-kinda-know-what-I'm-doing-'ers, Microsoft introduced a set of examinations covering everything from Windows NT to Visual Basic to, err, Windows NT.

Now because Bill Gates is a really, really evil man - he made these computer-based exams darn difficult and threw in a billion trick questions just for fun.

But this cold reputation makes them a highly prestigious addition to your resume.

Pass one single examination and you become a "Microsoft Certified Professional". Pass a number of examinations from a predefined list and you may even reach "Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer" (programmer) or "Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer" (network guy) status. With these qualifications on your CV, you will truly be a head geek.

The two products I'm looking at here are part of the new Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer route, which basically covers new development technologies such as Visual Basic 6 (more at www.microsoft.com/train_cert/).

I have here two CDs in rather fancy cases, containing the Transcender products for:

  • 70-176: Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Visual Basic 6.0
  • 70-175: Developing Distributed Applications with Visual Basic 6.0

So, without further blabbling, let's get installing!

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