February 27, 2021
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Visual Basic Tutorial - Part 2

  • By Karl Moore
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In the last tutorial, we built a supercool program with just a couple of simple controls. Remember that a control is just an item you can add to your Form.

As an example, last week we added a Command Button. We could then change its properties - perhaps alter its Caption to "Click Me You Annoying Person!" or its Font property to Arial, Bold, Size 18.

But the breadth of controls doesn't stop there. In fact there are a whole plethora of additional widgets at your fingertips with Visual Basic. And in this section, we'll be getting intimate with 'em!

Open Visual Basic and create a new Standard Exe. To do that:

  • Click on the Standard Exe icon
  • Click on the Open button

To the left of your screen should be the control toolbox. Right now it's displaying a standard set of Visual Basic controls.

Let's play with them! Double click on the button. This is the Check Box control. It should now appear at the centre of your Form.

You've probably seen this used in many other programs. You often check and uncheck such boxes to set various options. And yessiree, now you too can easily add such functionality to your applications.

Take a glance at the Properties window. These are all the Check Box properties you can change. For instance, you can alter its Caption, Forecolor or Font property with a few clicks of the mouse!

Don't worry about all the properties. Some are hardly ever used or only required in very specific circumstances. With practice, you'll soon get acquainted with those you need to know.

For now, go about randomly changing a few properties and seeing how they affect the control. Don't worry, you can't break anything.

Here's how I got on...

Hmm, you don't look very impressed. In fact, I saw more excitement emitting from the slug I accidentally sat on last Wednesday evening. But it does get better... honest.

It's now time to explain a few of the other available controls available and exactly what they do. Then I'll leave you to your own devices - feel free to fiddle to your hearts content!

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This article was originally published on November 3, 2002

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