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Advanced String Functions

  • November 20, 2002
  • By John Percival
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This function returns the ASCII character code for a character. This is particularly useful for something that encodes passwords: you could take 1 from the character code, just as a simple code.

Asc("A") returns 65
Asc("A happy elephant") returns 65
(it takes the first character only)




To explain this function in detail would need a lot more room than this quick round up of advanced string functions allows. So, I will just touch on some of its functionality. There is lots of information in the help file about it, so try looking there for more in-depth information.

Format(123.4, "#####.##") returns "123.4"
Format(123.4, "00000.00") returns "00123.40"
Format(123456.789, "###,###.#") returns "123,456.7"
Format(#07:14:23#, "hh:mm AM/PM") returns "07:18 AM"

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