January 21, 2021
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Beginning ActiveX - Part 1

  • By John Percival
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An ActiveX control is made up of its members; the properties; the methods; and the events. I think it is time to explain this with a silly analogy. Lets think of the human body as the ActiveX control.

This control will have one property: the eyes open property. In this case, this property can have two values; opened or closed. The developer can tell the body to let this property have a new value, or it can tell the body to get the current value.

Our method will be the look method. When the developer calls this method, specifying where the eyes are to look, the body should make the eyes look there. We will also have another method; this one, the read method, will return what the eyes see before them.

Lastly, the body will also provide a blink event. This will notify the developer of when the eyes blink. All that the developer knows is when this event is fired; they do not know the interval workings of the body and how or why the event was fired.

Back in the wonderful world of VB, our members live on and we must figure out how to code them. Let's go...

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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