November 28, 2020
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VB6 Programmer's Introduction to COM

  • By James Limm
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You will notice that this chapter is short relative to the rest of the chapters in the book. This is because I wanted to provide you a quick primer of what COM is. If you stopped reading this book right now (which you shouldn't), you would at least know what COM is and what it can do for your development.

Specifically, we discussed the concepts behind COM and how we could define it. There are many parts to COM, and it provides us with many services and considerable functionality to solve software problems.

Next, we delved into the history of COM, from its humble roots in OLE 1.0 to its role in Microsoft's Internet strategy. This history helps us to establish how COM came into being and developed into what it is today.

Lastly, we discussed the problems with typical software development and how COM actually helps us to solve these problems. Also, I explained a real-world programming scenario in which the use of COM might be helpful, and we will spend some time in future chapters using COM technologies to solve the not-so-unique problems we uncovered.

At the beginning of the chapter, I mentioned that we were on a journey. At this point, we have made a few steps down the path. Strap your boots on, because we are now heading up the mountain!

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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