January 19, 2021
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Book Review: Beginning Visual Basic 6 Objects

  • By James Limm
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Our client, DataDamage Inc, has decided that something needs to be done to keep abreast of their Biblio database, which is a database containing a vast array of information on programming books, authors and publishers. They've decided to break down the development of this project into phases, with Phase 1 covering nothing more than the maintenance of the Authors table in the database, as well as simple browsing of the Titles table.

Sounds simple enough - nothing a few well-placed Data controls and some bound Text boxes won't handle. But wait a minute. Although the database is currently in Access format, a quick peek at the long-term plans for the system reveals some worrying elements. Not only are DataDamage going to want to migrate this system from an Access database up to a SQL Server database at some point in time, but they're also going to be using the code we write as the foundation for other developers to get started on the system. Anything we do now must remain useful under the new architecture.

In addition, it's quite likely that they will want to split the application itself across multiple machines on the network to improve the performance of the system. A few data controls and a couple of bound Text boxes aren't going to be much help here.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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