January 25, 2021
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Creating a Silverlight 2 Application by Combining Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2008

  • By M. Rajesh
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Figure 16: You are prompted to reload the new changes in Visual Studio if the solution is open at the same time in both Expression Blend as well as Visual Studio

Click "yes to all" and you will now see the new changes in VS2008 as well. Wasn't that easy for you to design instead of writing out the XAML code line by line? That is how Microsoft has fitted the Expression Blend tool nicely into the VS2008 environment to enable editing of the files as well as writing code.

Now, it is time to add a dash of color to all the controls instead of having that dreary silver look that is common for all Windows controls. Go back to Expression Blend and select the first button, "1". You will modify the color of this button and apply the same style to all the other buttons.

Edit the Background color with RGB values as follows: 40, 80, and 174. Do the same for all the remaining controls. The final screen is seen in Figure 17.

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Figure 17: Editing the background color for the entire screen

See how this looks in the browser. You can press F5 from either VS2008 or Expression Blend. Do that from VS2008. The preview looks like Figure 18.

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Figure 18: The preview of the screen in the browser

That is all it took to create an appealing webpage in Silverlight using Expression Blend.

Now, you will focus on the other pages and design them with Expression Blend. Right-click on the project either in Expression Blend or VS2008 and click New Item. Select the XAML file and give it a suitable name. The home page will show the total expenditure for the current month. The history page will give the breakup of the expenditures for that month and display the details in a grid.

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This article was originally published on October 20, 2008

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