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Creating a Silverlight 2 Application by Combining Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2008

  • By M. Rajesh
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Working Through the Sample Application

You will walk through an application that will keep track of your expenses. This application will be developed in Silverlight and access a SQL Server 2008 Express Edition database. This will have three screens. The first screen will show you the total amount that you have spent for the current month (because most people are interested in the current month's expenditure) as well as the top three categories in which you have spent the money. This will be the home page of the application and will load whenever you call this application via an URL in the browser. On this home page, there will be two buttons to navigate to other pages. One will be for entering the amount as well as selecting the category of expense and the other page will show a report for the current month's expenditure. Because the data will be stored in SQL Server 2008 Express Edition, this can be tweaked to show you the data for any month. This will be left as an exercise for you to test out.

The final screens for the application are outlined below. Note that you will use Expression Blend for this demo and not write any code. After this demo, you will be able to understand the first three steps as outlined in Section 1, "Getting Started with Silverlight."

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Figure 1: The home page of the Expenditure application

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Figure 2: The page where you will add a new expenditure

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Figure 3: The page where you will view the summary of expenses for the current month

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This article was originally published on October 20, 2008

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