March 1, 2021
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Pseudo-Objects in Active Server Pages

  • By Thornton Rose
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' Car2.inc -- Functions and subroutines for Car pseudo-object.
' (Modified version of Car.inc to use Entity as base object.)

' Car_New(): Creates an empty Car object.
function Car_New()
   dim objCar

   ' Create empty Entity.
   set objCar = Entity_New()

   ' Set "hidden" fields.
   objCar("_Table") = "Cars"
   objCar("_PrimaryKey") = "VIN"

   ' Add Car fields.
   objCar.Add "VIN",   ""
   objCar.Add "make",  ""
   objCar.Add "model", ""
   objCar.Add "color", ""
   objCar.Add "year",  0

   ' Return object.
   set Car_New = objCar
end function

' Car_Load(): Loads a list of Car objects from the database for the given
' condition in the given order.
function Car_Load(strConn, where, orderBy)
   set Car_Load = Entity_Load(strConn, Car_New(), "*", where, orderBy)
end function

' Car_Insert(): Inserts the given Car object into the database.
function Car_Insert(strConn, objCar)
   Car_Insert = Entity_Insert(strConn, objCar)
end function

' Car_Update(): Updates the given Car object in the database.
function Car_Update(strConn, objCar)
   Car_Update = Entity_Update(strConn, objCar)
end function

' Car_Delete(): Deletes the given Car object from the database.
function Car_Delete(strConn, objCar)
   Car_Delete = Entity_Delete(strConn, objCar)
end function

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This article was originally published on October 14, 1999

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