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Here are a number of wearable computer devices you might, or might not have, heard about.

A number of new wearable computers become mainstream in 2013. In 2014, you can expect even more wearable computers to make their way into the spotlight. This should result in more discussion on the Internet of Things (IoT) as it relates to the connectivity of devices. One thing all of the wearable computers have in common is that there were developers writing the underlying code to make them work. In this slide show, I present a number of wearable computer that you can get today as well as a few you might not have seen. I expect to see even more ideas come to light in 2014. Do you know of other interesting wearables?

1Eight Wearable Computing Devices

Watches took over the spotlight as wearable computing devices this past year.

2Eight Wearable Computing Devices – 2

The most obvious wearable computer is the standard cell phone.

3Eight Wearable Computing Devices – 3

Head-mounted wearable computers also have taken the spotlight with the release of devices such as Google Play

4Eight Wearable Computing Devices – 4

Life sciences and sports are areas prime for wearable computing.

5Eight Wearable Computing Devices – 5

Similar to the wristbands in the previous slide, there are also fobs and other devices that can small and easily worn.

6Eight Wearable Computing Devices – 6

Don’t count out standard clothing items. SenSoria’s socks also contain computing abilities.

7Eight Wearable Computing Devices – 7

It might be a little more old school, but wristband PDAs are still important in a lot of industries. With the addition of smaller sensors such as scanners, they are becoming even more useful.

8Eight Wearable Computing Devices – 8

Lightweight organic circuits that can confirm to any shape could be come the basis of many more interesting wearable computers in the near future.

9Eight Wearable Computing Devices – 9

With the shrinking size of computer components combined with shrinking costs, it is hard to imagine what wearable devices will be coming in the near future!

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