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Figure 1: The Android logo

The Android platform is diverse. There are about 1.3 billion devices running various versions of the Android platform. This presents an opportunity as well as a dilemma for Android app developers who now have an unending variety of platforms to test the application.

Fortunately for us, Android Studio comes with a great set of emulators that can help us test our application and weed out issues.

Nexus 4

Figure 2: The Nexus 4

The default emulator in Android Studio is Nexus 4, which represents a 4.7 inch screen device with HDPI screen density and a resolution of 768 x 1280. Originally released in 2012, this is a very popular device.

Nexus 9

Figure 3: The Nexus 9

The latest tablet from Google has first class emulation support in Android Studio. The 8.9 inch screen is the most common tablet size out there.

Android TV 720 p

Figure 4: The Android TV 720 p

If you are building Android apps for the TV platform, this is the better of the two available emulators to test your application. Testing with the 720p version of the emulator allows you to define fallback experiences on those devices that do not support true 1080p.

Android Wear Round

Figure 5: The Android Wear Round

Although Android wear emulators are available in both square and round flavors, the round one is more stylish and likely to win customers over the long run. App developers are better off testing their app on this version of the emulator (if you are building Android wear applications).

Nexus 6

Figure 6: The Nexus 6

A new flagship device from Google in the 5.7-inch size with stock Android is another emulator you shouldn’t miss. The emulator does emulate a 6″ device.

Nexus 10

Figure 7: The Nexus 10

The emulator for a 10 inch tablet device, which launched in 2012, will help you weed out issues on the first tablet from Google that had widespread adoption.

Nexus 7

Figure 8: The Nexus 7

Samsung Galaxy Tab makes the 7 inch version popular, and Kindle Fire, which runs Android Apps, also adds to the popularity of the Nexus 7 emulator that supports the 7 inch screen size.

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