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Who does not want their Android Phone App to be a best seller? Everyone does, and the competition is fierce to stay at the top. Here are some of the strategies to make your Android Phone App a best seller.

1. Design for a Problem

Rather than mimic a best seller, try to find a core problem that users have and try to solve for that. There are distinct advantages that come with the first mover advantage. Look at Amazon, which built an e-commerce platform. It is now the de facto retailer.

2. Build an MVP that Works

Rather than make an application that supports each and every workflow, try to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that works for the core scenario and then build additional features.

3. Expand Your App to as Many Screens as Possible

Don’t limit devices where your applications will work. You can do this by making sure your app supports as many screens as possible. By being responsive, you will make sure that your application reaches the most users.

4. Fix Any/All Issues that Spoil the User Experience

Before you build new features, make sure all defects are fixed in current features. These defects can be either user reported or from the reviews that users provide for the application or from self-testing. There is no way better to learn about an application.

5. Review Your App Metrics Religiously

Instrument each and every aspect of your application. This will provide you with finer details of how users interact your application and will help you prioritize bugs and features on your roadmap.

6. Listen to User Feedback

You will get user feedback from various sources (complaints, feedback, app reviews, metrics). Use this information to address any concerns users have on your application and build on it.

7. Understand the Landscape and Learn from It

Look at the Play Store to identify competition and its features. With proper tagging and categorization, when users search for your application, look at what Google Play suggests as alternates that the user might want to look at. You also can look at top apps in the category to see what features and user experience they provide. Learn from your competitors and use that information to build features that can improve customer experience.

8. Switch for a Freemium Mode

If you want to get more users to use your Android phone app, consider going the freemium route, providing a basic experience for free and allow users to unlock more features via in-app purchases.

9. Reduce Friction for User Registration

Don’t make it hard for the user to use your Android phone app by asking for registration. If possible, defer app registration until there is a necessary reason that requires user information. When initial registration is required, try to just ask for email or a user ID to create account and avoid asking for billing information until it is needed. Also, if you use third-party registration like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or Facebook, there will be reduced friction for user registration.

10. Alternate Resources for Various Device Types

To provide for a great experience on various types of Android devices, provide alternate resources for layout and drawable resources that allow for a delightful experience on all devices.


In this article, you learned about various tips to make a best selling Android phone app.

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