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Turn your app into an amazing one with A/B Testing, one of the most primarily used methods for checking the effectiveness of your app.




How would you like to turn your app into an amazing one? It is possible with A/B Testing, one of the most primarily used methods for checking the effectiveness of your app. A/B testing, also known as Split Testing, allows you to improve your app, both functionally and visually. This also is the main reason why giants such as Facebook and LinkedIn are doing A/B testing regularly.

Of course, it does take time for A/B testing but when you think of the benefits, you don’t mind the wait, do you? A/B testing takes time because you need to plan the test, think and outline the variants, deploy a new version of your app into the major app stores, and wait until people use it so that you get clear results. But, the truth is that A/B testing lets you understand the impact of the changes you have made in your app. Bring the data to the table, check what went wrong or how a particular idea proved to be successful and so on.

In fact, mobile A/B testing is almost like a science experiment, and equally powerful.

Here are tools that would help with accuracy in A/B testing.


A/B Testing with Taplytics1. A/B Testing with Taplytics


Taplytics claims to perform your A/B testing quickly and smoothly, hence a great app builder solution. And, thanks to its third party integrations, you can perform simple, but code-based experiments, thereby enabling your team to make informed decisions. It is also possible to change the content, look, theme, and feel of your app by gathering user insights when you rely on Taplytics reviews.

Taplytics is available at $32/month, but you can choose the free version to know more about its features.


2. A/B Testing with Apptimize2. A/B Testing with Apptimize


The best thing about Apptimize (a tool that performs more than just an A/B testing) is that it allows you to make changes in real time, saving you time because you don’t have to resubmit to the App store.

Apptimize is powerful enough to tailor your application and its features to suit your requirements. If you have requirements like adjusting the pricing of your in-app purchases, optimizing your checkout funnel, or experimenting to see whether offering a tutorial or a video would increase conversions, you can try these easily with Apptimize.

You can choose to go for the free 30-day trial and then opt for an optimized custom plan to suit your specific requirements.


A/B Testing with LeanPlum3. A/B Testing with LeanPlum


Designed for intelligent action, LeanPlum functions as a complete mobile marketing platform including Automation, Personalization, Analytics, App editing, messaging, apart from offering excellent A/B testing possibilities.

It even has a REST API, and is available on iOS, Android, Unity, and HTML 5. You can deploy A/B testing without resubmitting it to the app store and enjoy highly relevant actionable insights. Additionally, it allows you to measure and manage both the messaging and in-content part of your app.

You can try the app for free first as a 30-day trial and then contact them directly to know more about specific plans.


A/B Testing with Optimizely4. A/B Testing with Optimizely


If you are an entry-level developer and are on the lookout for a cost-efficient premium tool for A/B testing, then Optimizely is the one you should go for. It’s hot, powerful, and offers the best in-class integrations in its range. Optimizely X Mobile, the mobile app experimentation platform, helps in A/B testing iOS and Android apps.

You can try it free before going for the paid version, pricing of which would be customized depending on requirements.

The New York Times, Netflix, and are all active users of Optimizely.


A/B Testing with the Five-Second Test5. A/B Testing with the Five-Second Test


The name of the tool is definitely an exciting one. And, it does live up to its name. You can test your homepage, landing page, logos, brochures, and other designs for five seconds with your users and then ask them questions. This way, you get the first impression from them and collect their views about its functionality.

HubSpot, Adobe, Microsoft, and Expedia are all active users of The Five-Second test.

For this app, you can go for a free trial and then choose from the various pricing plans on offer. A starter can opt for the $12 per month plan for two active projects, whereas a platinum user will have the $175 per month plan for 100 active projects.


A/B Testing with Kissmetrics6. A/B Testing with Kissmetrics


Kissmetrics is not a new name in the field of mobile analytics. The actionable insights (from Kissmetrics) would help you target the right customer base with right kind of promotional offers.

You can track user behavior on a multi-session basis, which is actually quite different from Google Analytics (another similar tool). Developers find the Kissmetrics dashboard very useful because it gives them an excellent view of the metrics and you can view it all in one go. Another attractive feature of Kissmetrics is that it integrates well with Optimizely.

There are different pricing options for Kissmetrics. You can choose to for the $220/month option as a starter, or the $700/month for advanced level implementation, apart from other options.


A/B Testing with Switchboard7. A/B Testing with Switchboard


Switchboard is an open source mobile A/B testing tool. It is possible to segment users on the basis of UDID, and this is available for online usage as well. The offline features of Switchboard are some of the best in this tool because users can see updates all the time; they don’t need an Internet connection for it.

Switchboard is free!


A/B Testing with Splitforce8. A/B Testing with Splitforce


Businesses looking to optimise their app’s features and provide optimal user experience can rely on Splitforce. As an A/B testing tool for mobile apps, developers can also test key business metrics, and also various versions of native applications without the need for resubmission in the app store.

Developers can put in dynamic components instead of hardcoded components in the application code to control Splitforce servers through its Web interface. Developers can just go ahead and make tweaks successfully and test their success in various stages.

Splitforce is available on the iOS, Android, and Unity platforms and has both free and paid versions.


Ending NoteOn an Ending Note


Running A/B testing with these tools would help you gain insights into your app’s workings. It would help you make educated and informed decisions on how you need to tweak your app.

You also can finally achieve your goals—improved/increased sales, increased conversion rate, better retention, and reduced bounce rate. With these tools, you can be assured that every change made in your app will bring positive results.

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