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By Shahid Abbasi

One of the most beautiful things about design is that it has the power to captivate your thoughts with the sheer vision of your eyes. Moreover, that is why we, at the Design Instruct, strive to drive the designing community ahead. With every breed of a new generation comes innovation in design and today’s world is no different.

Every designer aspires to create a masterpiece someday. Technology provides one of the most amazing platforms. Moreover, especially now with mobile phones, it is possible to create stunning visuals.

Mobile apps offer wonderful tools to pull out your latent designing skills. I am here to share with you some of the most amazing mobile apps for designers.

About the Author

Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits, one of the top iPhone app development companies. He creates highly polished iOS apps and also has expertise in Android app development. Shahid likes to keep busy with his team, and to provide top-notch mobility solutions for enterprises and startups.

Amazing0115 Amazing Mobile Apps for Aspiring Designers

Every designer aspires to create a masterpiece someday. Technology provides one of the most amazing platforms. Moreover, especially now with mobile phones, it is possible to create stunning visuals.

Amazing021. Adobe Comp CC

A dedicated iPad app for designers who love working on the layout. One of the core tasks of Comp CC is to let the designers create print, Web, and mobile layouts.

Again, the one-tap sharing on Adobe cloud is supported by Comp CC. The add-on advantage of Adobe Comp CC is its intuitive drawing gestures. Even roughly drawn shapes are turned to crisp graphics.

Get Adobe Comp CC.

Comp CC supports vector shapes, colors, and text styles from Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Toolkit

Amazing032. Infinite Design

Infinite Design provides an exceptional place for creating vector graphic designs. What’s more, it gives designers an opportunity to design on an unrestrictive canvas with multiple layers to work on.

Looking for more liberty? Well, this app truly stands by its name—it comes with infinite canvas sizes.

Get Infinite Design app for Android.

Infinite Design’s multiple layer designing magnifies a designer’s imagination

Amazing043. Paper by FiftyThree for iPhone and iPad

The paper is not a dedicated design app, but still much more than what a designer can ever think of. It gives you a paper tableau on your smart devices. Simple. Make notes, draw sketches, create lists. Do anything and everything.

With its extensive functionality, it also matches up with the speed of your fingers; therefore, you can put anything down that inspires you on this paper.

To effectively utilize this app for optimal output, you can use any of the available tools like FiftyThree Pencil, Pogo Connect Smart Pen, and Just Mobile AluPen.

Get Paper for iPhone and iPad.

Paper by FiftyThree offers dynamic color ranges supporting various digital pens for sketching to perfection.

Amazing054. Autodesk Sketchbook

SketchBook provides an intuitive space for aspiring designers to draw, sketch, and paint their imagination on a digital canvas. The sheer brilliance is its ability to match the real world physical experience will dazzle you. It is possible to mimic the physical experience by using pencils, pens, markers, and brushes on paper.

As far as its offerings are concerned, it comes preloaded with 10 preset brushes, a synthetic pressure-sensitivity, and multiple layers of editing options. The layer editor has 3 to 16 blending modes. It also includes a tool for symmetry and transformation.

Get Autodesk SketchBook for iOS and Android Devices.

Autodesk Sketchbook helps organize your artwork in its Gallery with multiple view options.

Amazing065. SketchWorthy for iPhone and iPad

Sketchworthy gives liberty to designers by providing a virtual notebook in their iOS devices. What makes Sketchworthy an important designing tool is its ability to capture anything from maps to Web pages, and photos, of course. Once captured, the designers have the liberty to choose from the variety of papers from the paper store.

Get SketchWorthy for iPhone and iPad.

Bundled with this app are packs for creating blueprints, graphs, to-do lists, planners, and much more.

Amazing076. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a flawless, vector-based digital sketchpad with multiple uses. The Strokes’ scalability comes with free-hand drawing supported by 64x zoom. It allows a designer to work on finer details.

Photoshop Sketch work on details, giving a platform to create complexity in an image. This picture complexity can get elevated by incorporating 10 drawing layers.

Designers get the freedom to add depth and dimension. Moreover, it comes loaded with a stock of high-resolution, royalty-free images.

Get Adobe Ideas for iPhone and iPad.

The sure shot delight for designers is its capability to integrate with the Adobe creative suite.

Amazing087. iDesign for iPhone and iPad

iDesign is one of the most active and precision-driven 2D vector design apps. Designers can make the best use of this app for making professional vector-based designs, including illustrations and technical drawings. iDesign comes equipped with sensor-active touch points. It gives the designer complete control over the design.

At its artistic utility level, iDesign works purely with lines. It gives you plenty of options to choose from, including adding end points, ellipses, fills, colors, and transparency.

Get iDesign for iOS and Android.

For designers, iDesign is like a muse as its advanced tools provides symmetry in editing options for specifics.

Amazing098. SwatchMatic

SwatchMatic comes with an amazing utility that every designer aspires to have. Let’s put it straight—Swatchmatic is for capturing, combining, and sharing the colors you adore the most. It pumps life into static designs by allowing you to select colors from various places. You simply have to put the real-world object in front of your phone camera and voilà!! It lets you select and capture real-world color to the digital world.

Get SwatchMatic for Android.

Expressive freedom for the designer—it allows editing individual colors in the palette with easy sliders.

Amazing109. Pathon

Writing on photographs was never this easy. Gone are the days of adjusting the text to fit the shape and size. The uniqueness of Pathon lies in letting you put text scrawls onto an arbitrary path.

Also, it gives plenty of options to select the text style, colors, and size.

Get PathOn app for iPhone and iPad.

The workability is simple. Just choose the picture, write text, and guide the path.

Amazing1110. Intaglio Sketchpad for iPhone and iPad

A fully-functional vector based sketchpad for all the iPhones and iPads. It is the app to use if you are almost a pro designer. It comes integrated with 11 preloaded drawing tools. Intaglio explores the best of the editing scope, apart from just designing.

Get Intaglio Sketchpad for iPhone and iPad.

The vector editing options comprise of group editing, layer editing, customizable pre-loaded graphics, and image morphing.

Amazing1211. Doodle Buddy

Nothing can be more amazing for aspiring artists than to bring his/her imagination onto canvas this easily. One just needs to drift their fingers briskly, and that is it. Although it seems like a fun-time app, it is possible to get the next big design idea while doodling your way through Doodle Buddy.

The UI is also one of the amazing factors while using Doddle Buddy. It is possible to undo your last stroke if you require changes in the design. To start over, you just need to shake the device.

Get Doodle Buddy for iOs.

It is possible to connect to a network and draw along with your friends online.

Amazing1312. MarvelApp

A boon for mobile app designers is this Marvel App. It lets you turn your design ideas into reality within just a few minutes. Marvel turns your sketches into an app demo. It is a simple, 3-step process where you just need to draw the screen on your paper, take a picture with the help of Marvel, and then just sync them.

Get MarvelApp for iOS and Android.

This app is a perfect gateway for aspiring designers to create their initial mobile app prototype.

Amazing1413. iRuler: Virtual Ruler for iPhone and iPad

A very simple app with great utility, iRuler app simply displays a virtual ruler on your device. It is an essential app for aspiring designers who want to take precise measurements on the go for real-world objects.

Get iRuler App for iPhone and iPad.

Designers can efficiently use their fingers to scroll this infinite ruler.

Amazing1514. LooseLeaf

LooseLeaf sets you loose with your ideas. Aspiring designers run through many ideas on a day-to-day basis. With LooseLeaf, it becomes easy to craft a scratch anytime, anywhere, with ease.

It is with LooseLeaf a designer can draw diagrams dramatically faster. Moreover, it is easy to cut and crop the designs with scissors tool.

Get LooseLeaf for iPhone and iPad.

LooseLeaf is a no-frill design app for aspiring designers to set their hands free on this dry-erase board.

Amazing1615. Behance

What is the design if it only sits on your mobile phone? Aspiring designers need to put their design to prospective clients so that designs get wings. Behance is an intuitive app platform that allows designers to put their portfolio over the Internet and share it with people.

Get Behance for iOS and Android.

So, here it is, the space to put your design to best use. Make a living out of your design—get noticed.

Design ConclusionConclusion

Well, these are just a few of the applications out of the infinite gamut. However, it then totally depends on the designer and the utility that he/she is looking for in a mobile app. The time has come to break the norm like the way design changed its platform over a period—from paper to computers; now is the time to sail through the mobile way.

Mobile technology has swept away a significant amount of the desktop and laptop market. Moreover, going with the same flow, it does not come up as a surprise if aspiring designers start using mobile applications as dedicated software in the near future. This way, one can seriously save on various resources like space and money.

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