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Updated SMTP Class

I was really happy to see thoses class for smtp’s transactions. One thing I didn’t have in my own smtp object was the file transfert with MIME specifications. The only thing the Wes Clyburn’s class missed is the use of CC ad BCC. Since it’s more easy to add those things than adding the file transfer functionality to my own class, I decided to take the Wes Clyburn object and modified it.

These modifications have been done to enhance the real good object CMailMessage, with the functionnality of CC and BCC copy and in the context of keeping the same public interface.

All new parameters are only optionnal. Still thanks to Wes Clyburn.

How to use ?

Still the same function, but with optional arguments that will change the recipients list. You have three kinf of recipients.

CMailMessage::TO (the default one)

//*** Example..CMIMEMessage msg;
msg.AddMultipleRecipients( “[email protected]” );
msg.AddMultipleRecipients( “[email protected],CMailMessage::CC );
msg.AddMultipleRecipients( “[email protected]”, CMailMessage::BCC );

The reste remains the same.. Voila !!!

Download source – 16KB

Date Posted: December 18, 1998

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