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I was looking for an Office 2000 style menu bar with intelligent menus, but my searches were to no effect. So I’ve made a series of classes that emulate a style similar to Office 2000. These classes are based on work made by MB ( and Brent Corkum.

To use Office 2000 menu bar in your applications, you have to perform the following steps.

  1. Open MDI.rc file with Microsoft Visual C++ and copy every Dialog, String (from String Table) and Menu from this file to your project resource file.
  2. Copy Setup Menu from IDR_INT_MENU menu resource to your menu(s) if you want to include menu modification in your application.
  3. Copy every cpp and h file from directory containing library sources into your project folder. Include these files into your project.
  4. Edit MainFrm.h (main frame window header file) in your project
  5. Edit MainFrm.cpp (main frame window source file) in your project
  6. Edit MyApp.h (application header file) in your project
  7. Edit MyApp.cpp (application source file) in your project
  8. Compile and run your application.

If you wish to implement your own intelligent menu algorithms you can derive a class from CMenuBar and override the following functions:

WORD CMenuBar::IncMenuUsage(CMenuEx *pParent,
UINT pos,
WORD curusage)

BOOL CMenuBar::EvaluateIfGrayed(CMenuEx *pParent,
UINT pos,
WORD &curusage,
int iMed,
int iRange)

First function is called to increment current usage of menus. Second one is called to determine if a menu must be painted grayed or not. This function can also modify current usage of menus.If you need to store application defined data in menus you can use CMenuEx::GetExtraDataPtr(UINT) to obtain this extra data.

For suggestions and/or bug reports please e-mail me.


Download demo project 1

Download demo project 2

Download source

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