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There are plenty of utilities to help monitor your computer systems, but what if
you need to integrate system status information into your own application? I am
in the process of building a system-wide dashboard for my employer. I want to
display a simple red/yellow/green light for each computer to indicate its
current status. A red light indicates that the computer is unreachable.

How do you normally determine if a computer is available? I normally open up a
command prompt and fire off a ping to the computer. Ping is a great utility to
determine basic system availability. You could write a script that pings the
computer and then parses the reply to determine availability. If you are
using .NET, then everything you need to do the same thing in code is only a
namespace away. The System.Net.NetworkInformation namespace has what you need to
ping a computer directly from your application. It is as simple as a single call
using the Ping class.

Ping Pinger = new Ping(); 
PingReply Reply = Pinger.Send(""); 

The above code creates a new instance of the Ping class and then sends a
ping to the local machine. It isn’t very interesting, but it couldn’t be
much simpler. Take a look at another example. This time you will start with a list of
computers that need to be monitored. The example iterates through each computer
in the list, pinging the computer and displaying the results on the console. The
list of computers can contain either IP addresses or web sites. For this example
I have included a few internal systems as well as a couple web sites you might

List IPs = new List(); 
Ping Pinger = new Ping(); 
foreach (string ip in IPs) 
    PingReply Reply = Pinger.Send(ip); 
    Console.WriteLine("Ping " + ip + ": " + Reply.Status.ToString()); 

Here is the console output for this example.

Ping Success 
Ping TimedOut 
Ping TimedOut 
Ping Success 
Ping TimedOut  

With only a few lines of code you can now determine the status of your computer
systems. Whether it is an email, SMS message, or red/yellow/green light, you can
be confident that your systems are up and running. The Ping class provides
several options that you can use to control the requests as well as the ability
to send asynchronous ping requests. Make sure you check out these options as
well as all of the information available in the reply from the ping request.

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Jay Miller is a Software Engineer with Electronic Tracking Systems, a company dedicated to robbery prevention, apprehension, and recovery based in Carrollton, Texas. Jay has been working with .NET since the release of the first beta and is co-author of Learn Microsoft Visual Basic.Net In a Weekend. Jay can be reached via email at

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