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New products and updates are released everyday. You don’t want to miss a cool tool that can save you hours of coding… or fun. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the current announcements. That is where and can help. We will keep you up to date on announcements geared towards the programmer market.


Linux Client Support To Wireless VPN


Wireless security software developer Columbitech
today announced the availability of a Linux client for its Columbitech
Wireless Suite. This new feature that enables an open-source environment
coupled with Columbitech’s unique VPN technology delivers full wireless
functionality for very demanding environments such as embedded clients with
very small memory and processor capabilities. Developers building PDA or
telematics applications can now offer a more cost-effective and secure,
wireless platform that runs well on communication devices with limited
hardware resources

Open Source


TikiWiki has been released! ( fixes a blocking wiki edit bug
in 1.7.1). This release offers various bugfixes and improvements. All Tiki
sites (1.6, 1.7) are recommended to upgrade to this stable version. Affected
features: challenge/response feature, email validator, translations, page
description, HAWHAW toolkit, HotWords, category listing, LDAP
authentication, forum threads, caching URLs with common binary file,
TikiHelp? links & various theme and visual fixes.

Gallery v1.4

This is the first *release candidate* for Gallery v.1.4. This new version
premieres some major new features: Gallery is now multilingual, and can be
displayed in 18 different languages, with more on the way! In addition,
we’ve overhauled the documentation and made it more accessible and more
informative. Other changes include ownership at the image level, not just
the album level, and a whole slew of minor improvements and bugfixes.


A new stable release of DrJava is now available. DrJava is an integrated
Java development environment that supports interactive evaluation of
expressions. It is primarily intended for students, but it has features
useful even for advanced users. This release includes many large new
features, including the ability to test all open JUnit test files, easily
run the main method of a program, find and replace across all open
documents, and load a history file as a script that can be executed one line
at a time. There have been interface improvements including a convenient box
that appears in the Interactions Pane to accept input from,
listing JUnit test methods as they are being run, and configurable colors
that now work in all panes.

JFreeReport 0.8.3f

JFreeReport 0.8.3f was released yesterday. It contains more bugfixes to
JFreeReport while waiting on the next real release. JFreeReport is a Java
class library for generating reports. It provides a flexible printing
functionality for Java applications and supports output to Printers and PDF,
Excel, HTML and XHTML, PlainText, XML and CSV files. To give everybody a
reason to upgrade, this version now contains a progress monitor dialog for
all gui report-operations.


SOFIA has been downloaded almost 65,000 times since it went
open-source about 14 months ago. SOFIA is free open-standard code that has been battle-test both
by Salmon and the Open-Source community. It improves developer productivity by integrating with
Eclipse, IntelliJ and Dreamweaver. SOFIA also allows for more standard development and rapid development
by providing over 40 visual and 20 non-visual components as baseline code
that can be used in every java based project

Turbine 2.3

Turbine is a servlet based framework that allows experienced Java developers to quickly build secure web applications. Parts of Turbine can also be used independently of the web portion of Turbine as well. In other words, we strive to make portions of Turbine easily available for use in other applications.

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