JavaProduct Announcements: April 16, 2004

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This week saw the release of the beta program for On-Target as well as the first open source procedural java platform for midsized companies. Several new tools were also created for the open source server code Apache and PHP.


ASPRunner Professional


ASPRunner Professional is an enterprise solution that web-enables
corporate databases. It creates sets of ASP pages to access and modify
Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, MySQL, FileMaker databases or any
other ODBC data source. The software comes with a whole set of database
administrator “lifesaver” features, like master-detail table relationship
support, option to create ASP code for multiple tables or to delete
multiple records simultaneously, as well as a single login/menu page
for all tables. Importantly, ASP Professional uses wizard-like interface and a set of
templates, meaning the database administrator does not have to write a
single line of code nor have any programming skills.

Beta program of the next release of On-Target Reports 4.0

On-Target Reports, Inc

On-Target Reports 4.0 is a reporting tool for popular databases
including FrontBase, mySQL, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle, postgreSQL, PrimeBase,
REALDatabase, Sybase ASE and Valentina (Valentina 1.x and forthcoming 2.x),
allowing visual report building and printing.

On-Target Reports’ current product, dbReports Professional is a
cross-platform report writer. With dbReports Professional, you can extract,
format and print data from one of various data sources. Using the built-in
assistant, or the drawing environment, a report can be built. db Reports also supports data grouping and fully
recursive expressions. String, Math, and Logical (including IF) expressions
make db Reports a tool for analyzing data. It also includes runtime
classes to incorporate report templates into REALbasic
( applications.

Developers can sign up for the beta program at


NetBeans 3.6

New features in 3.6 include:

  • A new windowing system, providing native look and feel
  • Enhanced navigation and workflow
  • Two-tier J2EE 1.4 support (servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 specification)
  • Improved JSP specification debugging with JSR-45 support
  • Available bundled with Sun Java System Application Server, Platform Edition 8
  • Available bundled with J2SE 1.4.2
  • Support for J2SE 1.5 beta version
  • Code editor enhancements such as Smart Brackets and Code Folding
  • Improved online help with JavaHelp 2.0 integration tool

Quest JProbe. Suite

Quest Software, Inc

Quest JProbe is a complete performance tuning toolkit for Java code,
providing powerful Java performance profiling, memory debugging, code
coverage and thread analysis capabilities in one conveniently integrated
suite. Graphically depicting everything from memory usage to calling
relationships, Quest JProbe helps developers understand precisely what is
causing problems in Java applications right down to the offending line of
source code. The key new features in this release include:

  • Powerful new memory investigation tools such as the all-new Aggregate
    Memory Footprint feature, which determines the hidden memory costs of
    creating an object.

  • New Ant integration tasks and enhanced Trigger facility enables developers
    to better automate collection of performance data, such as during nightly

  • Ease-of-use improvements throughout the suite, such as improved collection
    set-up, standardized “Start/Finish Use Case” buttons on all tools, and more
    reporting features.

  • Continued industry-leading environment, platform, IDE and Java VM support
    including support for BEA JRockit JVM and 64-bit Windows, Linux and HP-UX
    Itanium-based Java platforms.

Maven 1.0 RC2

Apache Maven team

Maven is a Java project management and project comprehension
tool. Maven is based on the concept of a project object model (POM).
The intent of Maven is to make intra-project development highly manageable
in the hopes of providing more time for cross-project development.

RC2 is a release candidate for Maven 1.0. The main focus for this release

  • Remove a memory leak in long-lived and multiple project builds
  • Reworking the internals for more maintainability while retaining full
    backwards compatibility with RC1.

  • Many other bugfixes

Edition 5 of the Teamstudio for Java suite


Edition 5 of the Teamstudio for Java suite includes:

Teamstudio Thread Profiler V1.0

Teamstudio Thread Profiler detects threading deadlocks in a developer.s program as they happen, terminating the application and showing which monitors and threads were involved. It also indicates how much time the program spent threading.

Teamstudio Memory Profiler V2.0

Teamstudio Analyzer for Java V2.11

  • Now supports JBuilder X
    Teamstudio Performance Profiler V1.01

  • Now supports JBuilder X

    Open Source

    StructuredSoft Developer


    StructuredSoft Developer is an Eclipsed-based platform composed of leading open source technologies, including the JTOpen Java toolbox for AS/400 and iSeries, the Jetty servlet container, and the StructuredJ procedural Java scripting engine that enables entry-level Java developers to rapidly build J2EE systems. Software subscriptions are available at StructuredSoft.s Web site,

    Zend Technologies

    Zend Technologies

    Zend WinEnabler uses a unique method for code caching and PHP process pooling to bring Windows PHP up to
    par with Linux/Unix PHP in terms of stability and performance.

    Version 2.0.4 of
    the Apache Tomcat mod_jk2 web server connector

    Tomcat team

    Tomcat is the reference implementation of a web application server which
    implements the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications.

    mod_jk2 is a connector which allows a web server such as Apache HTTPD or
    IIS to act as a front end to the Tomcat web application server.

    This version fixes a many majors bugs and is the first one to use APR
    which is now mandatory.

    See the file CHANGES.txt in the source distribution for a complete list
    of changes.

    Apache HTTP Server 2.0.49 Released

    The Apache Software Foundation and the The Apache HTTP Server Project

    This version of Apache is principally a bug fix release. Of particular
    note is that 2.0.49 addresses three security vulnerabilities:

    When using multiple listening sockets, a denial of service attack
    is possible on some platforms due to a race condition in the
    handling of short-lived connections. This issue is known to affect
    some versions of AIX, Solaris, and Tru64; it is known to not affect
    FreeBSD or Linux.

    Arbitrary client-supplied strings can be written to the error log
    which can allow exploits of certain terminal emulators.

    A remotely triggered memory leak in mod_ssl can allow a denial
    of service attack due to excessive memory consumption.


    Integration of Xlipstream’s XML Generation Appliances (XGA) with Metastorm’s BPM software, e-Work

    Xlipstream Inc. and Metastorm

    Currently, Metastorm manually creates adapters that translate a customer’s legacy data into XML and posts the data to an FTP server that is then accessed by the e-Work software as needed during the course of a business process. By partnering with Xlipstream, Metastorm can expedite the translation of legacy data by using Xlipstream’s plug-and-play XML appliance to automatically translate and forward legacy data to e-Work. As a result, Metastorm is able to streamline XML-based integration projects and further reduce its already rapid implementation time.

    Style creation tool and support for XSL-FO in XyEnterprise’s leading XML publishing
    software – XML Professional Publisher (XPP)


    The new style creation and management interface, based on XPP’s Web Services
    layer, presents a browser-based look and feel for creating and managing
    style information. The interface simplifies the selection of style choices
    and enhances the ability to use, modify, and apply styles. The Style Editor
    enables users to access style information in an intuitive point-and-click
    fashion, use existing styles as a basis for new styles, and re-use style
    settings across many XML documents. Because this is a Web Services
    interface, customers can configure or customize which features and
    functionality related to style management and publishing can be accessed by
    end users. This will reduce learning curves and enable more users to access
    the power and productivity offered by XPP.


    EldoS PKI Tools

    EldoS Corporation

    EldoS PKI Tools lets you perform both simple file operations such
    as pack files into ZIP archive, send files by e-mail, securely delete
    files and advanced security operations such as signing and encryption
    of files and folders. All operations are performed in a couple of
    clicks, e.g. you can pack files into ZIP archive, sign the archive
    and send it by e-mail by selecting one command in Explorer context
    menu. All commands in menu are arranged into groups, with two most
    recenly used commands on top.

    Maporama Web
    Services 2004 v1.2

    Maporama International

    Maporama International now provides two new Web Services to enhance the use
    of location-centric services in business applications and processes. These
    two new services are:

    • Check address Web Service – to verify that an address entered on a
      e-commerce website or present in a corporate database or an information
      system actually exists

    • POI Look Up Web Service – to find specific points of interest within a
      database of 1.7 million Points of Interest (POI) regrouped in 43 standard
      categories (Airport, Railway stations, Bus Stations, Car Park, Gas Stations,
      Museums, Hotels, Restaurants, Banks, Shopping Centers, Post Offices,
      Theatres etc.) within a certain radius of search around a specific address
      or location.

    RBUnit 1.0

    LogicalVue Software, Inc.

    RBUnit is the only unit
    testing framework for REALbasic. RBUnit’s features list includes:

    • Test Runner UI provides a quick, visual indicator of test results
    • Full source code for the framework is included (Professional Edition)
    • Allows multiple testing groups for each REALbasic project
    • Easily incorporated into your software
    • Tests are easily repeatable to support refactoring

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