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New products and updates are released everyday. You don’t want to miss a cool tool that can save you hours of coding… or fun. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the current announcements. That is where and can help. We will keep you up to date on announcements geared towards the programmer market.

Architecture and Design

Laszlo Presentation Server

While the promise of the rich Internet application category is apparent, in order for the technology to truly take hold, developers need to be equipped with tools that meet their requirements, and businesses need to be able to preserve their existing IT investments. Laszlo supports multi-developer teams that produce and maintain code using standard text editors, search and debugging tools, and source control systems. Designers and engineers collaborate using Laszlo technology, thus closing the gap between inspired concepts and large-scale, maintainable implementations.
Laszlo Presentation Server Enterprise Edition (EE): Free
Laszlo Presentation Server Developer Edition (DE): Free
Laszlo Presentation Server Express Edition (XE): Starts at $999


dbXML 2.0 Beta* Now Available

The dbXML Group is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the dbXML 2.0 Beta program. This program is a limited beta release, targeted at more advanced software developers. This version is basically a complete rewrite of the dbXML 0.9 code (which, as you might remember, forked into the Apache Xindice project.)

*As a beta product, it should be assumed that it may not function
properly under all conditions, and it should also be assumed that this
will not be the only beta release of the product. Because of its beta
status, it should not be used for production systems.

Kodo JDO

SolarMetric is announcing its support of legacy databases via it Kodo JDO, an implementation of the Java Data Objects
standard. Since one of the key aspects of the JDO specification is that it
is data store agnostic specification, a developer using Kodo JDO can now use
the exact same code to talk to a relational database like Oracle, DB2, SQL
Server, Informix, etc. and then use the same code to talk to a CICS or CORBA
back end.

ANTS Data Server 2.0

ANTS Software

Using the industry-standard SQL92 database programming language, the ANTS Data Severs innovative design eliminates database-locking conflicts in update-intensive, high workload applications without compromising data integrity. It is designed specifically for applications requiring intensive updating such as stock trading , reservation systems, package tracking and messaging services. These applications are typically constrained by high contention database access problems. ANTS Data Server overcomes these problems by enabling concurrent access and updating by thousands of users.


Formula One

ReportingEngines, a division of Actuate Corporation

The Formula One e.Report Engine and
Engine offer developers the first full-featured, reporting toolset that
be easily embedded into any Java project or application deployed from a
Web or application server.
$4,995 per server and each license includes a full developer license.

Midlogic Studio Version 1.1


Midlogic Studio 1.1 provides mainstream developers visual MIDlet builder to develop interactive applications for Mobile Java Terminals. New release adds visual screen flow editor, advanced deployment tool, custom data source for more flexible integration and many features for even more user-friendly development of Backend Powered MIDlets.

Pricing starts at $995 per developer seat.

Alien Flux

Puppy Games announced that Alien Flux, their ground breaking web based arcade game, went live today to coincide with the game.s US preview at JavaOne taking place in San Francisco 9-13 June. Alien Flux combines totally original gameplay, modern pseudo-3D graphics and unique sound effects to create a fast and furious shoot-em up style arcade game, the aim of which is to rescue Fluffies (the cutest creatures in the universe), from invading forces from the fifth dimension. Compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Major enhancement to the Reasoning Inspection Service for Java

Reasoning Inc.

The Reasoning service detects resource leaks in Java file descriptors and socket handles. These types of resource leaks are critical security-related defects that can be exploited for the purpose of denial of service attacks. File descriptor and socket handle resource leaks can also cause applications to
exhibit unreliable behavior or sudden failure when available resources run out.



QStudio enables automated quality control of source code and
specifies quality concepts in a measurable way based on an extended
of the ISO 9126 quality standard. QStudio recognizes high-level
quality attributes such as reliability, maintainability, testability,
re-usability, portability and efficiency. QStudio also allows software process managers to tie
development quality control practices deeper and earlier into the
development process than previously possible, thus reducing
and code review effort. Corporations can benefit from the powerful
capabilities of QStudio for Java Pro at an enterprise-wide level by
process managers and software developers to automate, coordinate and
quality control through a distributed software quality control and
management system.

for the client and $2,950 for the server, thus a
server configuration costs $5,900.

Integration of ObjectAssembler 2.5 with Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition

ObjectAssembler simplifies the development of sophisticated enterprise applications and Web services through visual representations of patterns, components, and assemblies. Automating many of the tedious, complicated, and error-prone implementation tasks inherent in enterprise development, ObjectAssembler transforms the traditional IDE into an efficient, streamlined development system.


Demeanor for Borland® C#BuilderTM

Wise Owl, Inc., provider of Demeanor for .NET, an obfuscator of the Microsoft platform today announced the integration of Wise Owl Demeanor for Borland® C#BuilderTM into Borland C#Builder for the Microsoft® .NET Framework. The bundling of Demeanor in the C#Builder product, helps to secure intellectual property for development teams building software applications using Borland C# Builder.

Wise Owl Demeanor for Borland C#Builder includes features such as intellectual property protection, decreased application size, faster program loading, and easier integration with build processes and will make it difficult to reverse engineer code.

Open Source

PCGen 5.1.6

PCGen is a Java-based RPG character generator and maintenance program that works on all platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc). All datafiles are ASCII so they can be modified by users, and are available through the pcgendm project. An XML conversion is underway.

Treebeard version 0.8

Treebeard is a cross platform XSLT IDE written in Java; it’s editor allows the loading and editing of an XML document and an XSLT document at the same time. It can apply the XSLT to the XML and display the output for further editing / saving in XML, HTML or PDF. Treebeard also has a plug-able XML and XSLT parser architecture, and comes bundled with Xalan2.5 and Saxon7.5.

PHPSurveyor 0.97 Final

PHPSurveyor, a set of PHP Scripts for developing, and publishing online surveys, makes its final 0.97 release. 0.97 concentrated on implementing templates so that users could develop their own ‘look and feel’ to their surveys. This release includes 3 templates.

OpenEJB 0.9.2

OpenEJB 0.9.0 marked are first release with special Tomcat embedded support. The 0.9.2 release contains a neat surprise for OpenEJB/Tomcat users — TOOLS! The new integration features a webapp with a setup verifier, JNDI browser, EJB viewer, Class browser, and even an Obbject invoker

LTI-Lib Version Beta* 1.9.3

LTI-Lib is an object oriented computer vision library written in C++ for Windows/MS-VC++ and Linux/gcc. It provides lots of functionality to solve mathematical problems, many image processing algorithms, some classification tools and much more.

Gallery v1.3.4 Release Candidate 2

Gallery is slick, intuitive web based photo gallery with authenticated users and privileged albums. Easy to install, configure and use. Photo management includes automatic thumbnails, resizing, rotation, etc.

phpwsBB 0.1.0

phpwsBB is a native bulletin board module for the phpWebSite content management system, version 0.9.2 or later. Features include anonymous posting, message editing and deletion for registered users, and thread locking and message forking for admins.


Covigo Portal Enhancement Suite

Covigo, Inc.

Covigo Portal Enhancement Suite for BEA WebLogic Portal Server
addresses the
challenge of making mobile workers more productive. It effectively
eliminates on-the-road downtime by providing guaranteed offline and
access to popular BEA portlets such as business applications, executive
dashboards and documents. Using Covigo, mobile users can perform
transactions offline and then sync the stored information once they are

General Programming

TotalView is now available for Linux on IA-64-based


TotalView is now available for Linux on IA-64-based
systems. TotalView is a full-featured, source level, graphical debugger
software engineers with complete control over threaded and parallel
applications written in C, C++ or Fortran. Its features simplify
and analysis of applications and offers unrivaled support for code that
multithreading and MPI on both distributed memory and shared memory
computers. With advanced features not found in other debuggers,
TotalView is
unrivaled in its ability to help find bugs fast.

Update to FTP Suite

Pyramid Designs

FTP Suite is a set of classes and code
modules that allows FTP operations to be implemented in REALbasic
applications. New features include Get/SetPassiveMode, using TCPSocket, MuliLine User Status, and Windows Installer.
Professional – $59.95
Hobbyist – $29.95

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