JavaNew Product Announcements: June 27, 2003

New Product Announcements: June 27, 2003


Microsoft® SQL ServerTM Accelerator for Business Intelligence

Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of version 1.2 of Microsoft SQL Server Accelerator for Business Intelligence (Accelerator for BI). Accelerator for BI is a rapid application development tool to automate the process of building the infrastructure of an analytical application. The SQL Server Accelerator for Business Intelligence is available for download today at no additional cost to licensed SQL Server 2000 users.


WebSphere Software Development Toolkit for Web Services (WSDK v5.0.1)


The WSDK V5.0.1 is a convenient “one stop” package for developers to create, test and deploy Java Web services in a development environment. Supporting the latest specifications for Web services including WS-Security, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, WSDK V5.0.1 enables you to build and test Web services that can be extended and integrated using IBM WebSphere Studio V5, and deployed on industry-leading IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.

WASP 4.6


WASP 4.6 offers enhanced security with support for OASIS WS-Security, SOAP
1.2 and provides improved support for Java Web services APIs.

OnlineBiz PRO 6.0

Erete Software

OnlineBiz PRO 6.0
is the only solution to utilize MVC (model-view-controller) for its
architecture’s design pattern, allowing you to develop robust, sophisticated
e-commerce sites with unequalled simplicity. Thanks to this premium
architecture, you can fully integrate your web site with back-end
applications to deliver rich, seamless web experiences and transactions. You
can easily maintain, customize and modify your site, enhancing productivity
and freeing your time. And OnlineBiz PRO 6.0 is fully
scalable, ensuring your site always meets your business needs.


Web Services


The Mind Electric

TME GLUE 4.1 provides a high-performance, compact implementation of all
the core web services standards. The new release adds features and support
for a real-time management console, SOAP 1.2, DIME, Document-Literal, IDE
Plug-ins, WSDL Faults, WS-security and WS-routing, and UDDI Server.

ASP.NET Web Matrix


The update includes Microsoft Access database support, several design time enhancements, and other new features suggested by the community. In addition to using Microsoft Visual Basic. .NET and C#, developers can now build applications using J#.

SOAP 1.2

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) released SOAP Version 1.2 as a recommendation, making it an official

SOAP Version 1.2 is designed to provide a secure exchange of XML-based data between
computers. It is a lightweight protocol intended for exchanging structured
information in a decentralized, distributed environment such as the Web.


Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PCs


This new version of Microsoft. Windows Mobile software enhances the Pocket PC software experience by including support for easy access to wireless networks, a powerful digital media experience, and support for developers building Microsoft .NET services and applications.

SALT profile for
the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

SALT Forum

SVG allows developers to easily render graphics on displays of varying
size and resolution and features a lightweight design that reduces
computational requirements – making it particularly attractive to
manufacturers of cell phones, PDAs and other portable devices. SVG with
SALT can be used to provide speech “hot spots” within a graphic or
provide spoken commands for scrolling and zooming the display. It can
also be used to embed descriptive services for the visually impaired
directly within a graphic, streamlining the workflow process.

Seven.Five for UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone System)


Seven.Five for UMTS provides the world’s first drive-test tool that combines an
tri-band RF scanning receiver with complete voice, data and video Quality
of Service (QoS) tests. These fully-integrated features make Seven.Five
for UMTS the only drive-test tool that can measure QoS from the perspective
of the wireless subscriber while providing the root cause for any QoS
Pricing for Seven.Five for UMTS starts at around $15,000. Availability
is six to eight weeks from receipt of order.


Expo Walkthrough


Expo Walkthrough, InstallShield’s new visual communication
tool, gives you all the functionality you need to easily create and
distribute a Flash-animated guided Walkthrough of your product in minutes.
Create a Walkthrough whenever you need to concisely
communicate about software products and applications for the purposes of
planning, testing, documentation, training, support, sales, or marketing.

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