JavaNew Product Announcements: January 30, 2004

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This week saw the release of several .NET additions, with ILOG and Compuware both rolling out some new packages. Quest also annouced that it JProbe now supports 64-bit Windows and Linux Java environments.


WASP Server for Java, 4.7


WASP Server for Java, 4.7 provides unique functionality for data integration with the industry.s broadest support for XML Schema definitions, including FpML, OFX, ACORD, Parlay and HL7. For developers, this means they can deploy Web services applications and can confidently rely on WASP to validate XML data formats and values according to the rules encapsulated in the XML Schema. This makes the developer more productive and eliminates errors and inconsistencies.

Quest JProbe now supports 64-bit Windows and Linux Java environments

Quest Software, Inc

The first and only commercial toolset for 64-bit Java, Quest JProbe enables developers to analyze Java code running on 64-bit Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) on Intel Itanium 2-based operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux.

New 64-bit architectures enable Java applications to access larger data sets and improve scalability. Quest JProbe now supports both Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux operating systems for Itanium 2 servers, running 64-bit Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) including BEA WebLogic JRockit 8.1 and IBM 1.3.1 JVM. JProbe also supports Hewlett-Packard HP-UX 11i for Itanium, running HP’s 1.4.1 JVM or higher.


ILOG Gantt for .NET


For developers, the release of ILOG Gantt for .NET means no longer having to
try to adapt other products to fit the .NET framework or creating a
homegrown solution, which can be costly and time consuming. Instead, ILOG’s
new solution provides a faster and easier way to create Gantt charts and it
easily integrates into any .NET application through Microsoft’s Visual
Studio .NET or Borland C# builder.

ILOG Gantt for .NET follows on the heels of the recent launch of ILOG CPLEX
for .NET and the availability of the ILOG Optimization Suite. ILOG has been
dedicated to creating sophisticated and graphically rich tools and engines
for a variety of industries including manufacturing, transportation,
telecommunications and security.

DriverStudio 3.1


DriverStudio 3.1 now offers integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
2003, including side-by-side operation with Visual Studio .NET 2002 while
maintaining full compatibility with the Microsoft DDK, making device driver
development faster and easier.

The C and C++ programming languages are the primary languages developers use
to write device drivers. To support developers’ needs, the DriverWorks and
DriverNetworks components in DriverStudio 3.1 now offer a new DriverWizard
that lets developers build Windows device drivers in either C or C++
programming languages.

Open Source

XPlanner 0.5.3

XPlanner is a web-based project planning and tracking tool for eXtreme Programming (XP) teams. XPlanner is implemented using Java, JSP, and Struts, and MySQL (user contributed support for other databases).

AntRunner 2.1

AntRunner is an OpenTool for JBuilder 4 to 9 and JBuilderX to use Ant within the IDE.

The new version contains some bug fixes and some small enhencements.

JGraph 3.1

JGraph is a powerful, lightweight, feature-rich, and thoroughly documented open-source graph component available for Java. It is accompanied by JGraphpad, the first free diagram editor for Java that offers XML, and Drag and Drop. Changes in this release include: Ant-based build environment. BSD-style license. A series of bug fixes and minor API changes.


WebBoard 7.0


WebBoard 7.0 updates WebBoard 6.1 with features that track recent trends in online collaboration including blogging, RSS/XML feeds (inbound and outbound), calendaring, polling, message ratings, and a SOAP (Web Services) interface.

Other key WebBoard features include Web-based discussion forums, email discussion lists, News (NNTP) discussions, instant messaging, chat rooms and whiteboards

DesktopX 2.0 Professional


DesktopX Professional contains all the features of DesktopX with a single addition: DesktopX Professional can export objects as stand alone applications. These applications are a single .EXE. No support files, no run times, just a single file that will run on Windows 98, ME, 2000, or Windows XP.

This ability can decrease development time on small applications from months to literally minutes. That’s because DesktopX is already designed to make creating desktop “widgets” very easy. Turning these “widgets” into applications takes only a few seconds.

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