JavaNew Product Announcements: February 13, 2004

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The past two weeks have seen the release of such notable products as Extentech’s JAVA|XLS Toolkit, along with Compuware’s announcement of OptimalJ 3.1. ILOG also announced that JViews would now be available with IBM Tivoli software.


Access2MySQL Sync and Access2MySQL Pro

DMSoft Technologies

Access2MySQL Sync and Access2MySQL Pro are two new MS Access/MySQL
conversion tools from DMSoft Technologies new line of database
conversion solutions. These applications work both ways, meaning
they can convert .mdb files to MySQL and the other way around.
Both programs support all MS Access versions starting with MS
Access 97, and all Windows and Unix MySQL servers.

Access2MySQL products feature error-proof data conversion, support
for AutoIncrement(AutoNumber) field conversion, option to convert
the entire database or only selected tables (Access2MySQL Pro), or
delete duplicate entries and synchronize databases (Access2MySQL
Sync). Both applications come with command line support. All MS
Access attributes and data types as well as MS Access Work Groups
are supported.

Price: 49.00 US Dollars for both products.


ExtenXLS JAVA|XLS Toolkit version 3.0

Extentech Inc

ExtenXLS bridges the flexibility of Java with the functionality and ubiquity of Excel by allowing developers to merge external data with Excel thus creating actionable documents from data sources. The toolkit can be used in financial analysis reports, web reporting, statistical charting, and other applications to create feature-rich Excel reports with charts, formatting, text, formulas, and numerical data.

Pricing for ExtenXLS starts at $1195 per CPU for server deployments. OEM Licensing, per-incident support, and contract support are available.

ILOG JViews(tm) now available to enhance the usability of the IBM Tivoli Monitoring for
Transaction Performance(tm)


The monitoring product now provides the cutting edge capability to discover
and display dynamically a J2EE transaction in a graphical fashion. The
advanced visualization provided by JViews will give users the ability to
recognize and isolate application performance problems through dynamic
graphical models that map real-time transactions to the resources and
components on which the applications run.

OptimalJ 3.1


OptimalJ 3.1 has several improvements on its predecessors, such as security, more flexible modeling, and support of model-driven pattern based (MDPB) approaches. The MDPB approach uses patterns to automatically translate business models into working applications, which enables development organizations to deliver higher quality applications faster.

Formula One e.Report Engine eAPI

ReportingEnginesT, division of Actuate Corporation

Using the new Formula One e.Report Engine eAPI, developers have
comprehensive programmatic access to:

. Report Design – Each report is represented as a composite of report
components including structural items such as zones, data controls, charts
and grids as well as data access items such as data sources.

. Data Sources – Developers can connect to JDBC, XML, Java objects, and
other data sources and modify specific properties or extract metadata.

. Report Engine – Developers have comprehensive control over operations
including report execution and viewing

The new release of Formula One e.Report Engine (version 7.0, service pack 2)
is available now and priced at $4,995 per license.

Open Source

Tiki 1.8 -Polaris-

Main new features and enhancements:
– Databasessupportedd: MySql, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase
– Switch from PEAR::DB to adodb
– Mapserver
– Integrator: Integrate other applications in tiki
– New database independent search engine (use the “search_new” module)
– Enhancements in installer, articles, forums, newsletters and wiki, including some newplug inss and modules

jTDS 0.6

jTDS is the fastest JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server. Release 0.6 is the first production-level release, thanks to a large number ofbug fixess made possible in part by refactoring the driver. Full feature list available at the sourceForge site.



Simplicity Version 3.0 for Palm OS

Data Representations

Simplicity Version 3.0 for Palm OS includes palmOne’s Java Toolkit, which
enables J2ME/MIDP applications to run on all Tungsten(TM)hand heldd devices
and Treo(TM) smartphones. Simplicity also includes the IBM(TM), WebSphere
Micro Environment (WME) for palmOne handhelds which targets most handhelds
running Palm OS 3.5 and higher. Simplicity’s built-in emulators can show the
user exactly how their applications will look while coding during the visual
designing process. The emulator includes skins for a wide range of Palm
Powered smart mobile devices, so the user can switch from device to device
at any time. Simplicity also includes easy-to-use packaging features, which
can handle all of the assembly and deployment requirements. It can produce
JAR/JAD and PRC files with only a few mouse clicks, ready to install on an
actual Palm Powered handheld.

Pricing is set at $395 per developer.


Snapbridge XStudio 2.5

Snapbridge Software

Snapbridge XStudio 2.5 is the first true drag-and-drop development environment
for building information processing solutions based on eXtensible Markup
Language (XML) technologies. The new and improved development tool allows
drag and drop development to choreograph the integration and publication of
data and content with no coding or data schema required.

XStudio 2.5 can be downloaded here.

Project Management


XPlanner is a web-based project planning and tracking tool for eXtreme Programming (XP) teams. XPlanner is implemented using Java, JSP, and Struts, and MySQL (user contributed support for other databases).

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