JavaJRuby: Java and Ruby Together at Last

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Ruby is the programming language on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. The power and ease of software development with Ruby has catapulted web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails into the forefront of web application development. Over the last 10 years, Java has grown to become the leading object-oriented software development language and runs on a multitude of platforms. JRuby is a 100% pure Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. This article gives an overview of JRuby and shows how it leverages the Java language to bring Java developers a fast and powerful alternative for creating application solutions.

Ruby: The Scripting Language that is Taking the Computing World by Storm

It is hard to imagine anyone in the programming world these days who has not heard of Ruby. The ever-increasing popularity of the Ruby on Rails web framework is helping make Ruby the language of choice for rapid application development and testing. Ruby is an interpreted scripting language that provides quick and easy object-oriented programming and contains some neat features such as closures, blocks, and mixins. Ruby is also highly portable, running on Unix/Linux, Windows, and MacOS. For those wanting a more thorough introduction to Ruby, you can read W. Jason Gilmore’s article on Ruby.

Java: The Object Oriented Language with 10 Years Under Its Belt

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Dominic Da Silva ( is the President of SilvaSoft, Inc., a software consulting company specializing Java-, Ruby-, and .NET-based web and web services development. He has worked with Java since 2000 and is a Linux user from the 1.0 days. He also is Sun Certified for the Java 2 platform. Born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, he now makes his home in sunny Orlando, Florida.

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