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Whether you are new to web development or a seasoned, grizzled web developer with years of experience developing web apps and websites, it never hurts to take a break from reading online tutorials or dusty old books and, instead, try learning through an online course or class. With that in mind, we are highlighting some of the best online courses for HTML and CSS for web developers or those looking to create their own website or ecommerce store.

HTML and CSS Courses Online

The HTML and CSS training courses listed below are all offered by TechRepublic Academy. These online courses are great ways to learn how to code for the web and build user-friendly, attractive websites – whether they be for a hobby, an online store, or part of your career as a web developer. Each of these courses assume no web development or software development experience. In addition, if you are already a coder, HTML and CSS are great additions to add to your developer toolkit – learning them will make you more employable and give you an edge up on the competition.

Learn HTML5 and CSS3 and Build a Professional Website Course

Despite its long title, the Learn HTML5 and CSS3 and Build a Professional Website Course is actually a quick series of 28 lessons that take only three hours to complete. At the end of those three hours, though, you will have learned the basics of web development using both HTML5 and CSS3. In addition to basic HTML and CSS syntax and best practices, students will also learn some more advanced web design principles and techniques, like how to create web forms, position objects with cascading style sheets (CSS), and work inside a code editor.

By the end of the course, students will have created a full-fledged Agency website that they can use as part of their portfolio or the basis for their own future website (if they offer web design or web development services as a freelancer). Pupils will also be provided with handy HTML5 and CSS3 cheatsheets, which are good to have for referencing syntax.

To learn more or sign-up for this online web development course, visit its listing at TechRepublic Academy: Learn HTML5 and CSS3 and Build a Professional Website Course.

HTML5 from the Ground Up

The HTML5 from the Ground Up course is another short, yet powerful offering from TechRepublic Academy. It makes a perfect addition to web developers who only know traditional HTML or for those that are looking to learn HTML for the first time. With 35 lessons in total, this course is roughly seven hours long. It begins with an introduction to HTML5 best practices and concepts, then dives into basic HTML5 syntax.

After that, the course swerves to tackle cascading style sheets (CSS3), a must-know for anyone looking to be a web developer. Next up is more intermediate HTML5 concepts, like working with the Canvas element and creating drawings with HTML5. From there, students will learn more advanced web programming techniques, like working with multimedia (audio and video), as well as, how to use Websockets, Webworkers, and web messaging.

You can sign-up for this quick HTML5 course by visiting its page at TechRepublic Academy: HTML5 from the Ground Up.

HTML and CSS: Learn to Build Sleek Websites

Most web development courses focus on programming techniques and syntax, so when we see a course that tosses in elements of user experience, user interfaces, or web design, it gets our attention. Having a functioning website is important – but so, too, is having a nice looking one that is user-friendly. That is why we are highlighting the HTML and CSS: Learn to Build Sleek Websites course.

As with most HTML and CSS online courses, this one is short as well, weighing-in at a short 3.5 hours. Within that time frame, however, are 43 lessons that teach students the following web development and design principles:

  • HTML basics and syntax
  • CSS fundamentals
  • Responsive web design for mobile devices
  • Alternative layout concepts, employing the use of media elements

By the end of the course, students will have created a a website featuring responsive web design elements, CSS3 animations, a custom favicon, navigation hover link effects, and more.

You can learn more about this HTML and CSS training course by visiting its listing page: HTML and CSS: Learn to Build Sleek Websites.

HTML and CSS for Beginners Course

Despite its simplistic name, this course is actually one of the longer offerings on our list of the best online courses to learn HTML and CSS. Comprised of 83 lessons, this training class takes 5 hours to complete and covers both HTML5 and CSS3 web programming concepts. It is a great course for beginning web programmers that teaches the following HTML and CSS topics:

  • Basic HTML
  • Basics of Text Markup
  • How to work with bulleted, ordered, and unordered lists
  • How to create HTML links and hyperlinks
  • How to work with images and media in HTML, including embedding video and audio
  • How to create tables
  • How to create HTML forms that collect data
  • How to use the CSS Box Model and conduct CSS-based page layouts

Sign-up by visiting its page on TechRepublic Academy: HTML and CSS for Beginners Course.

Create Your First Website with HTML and CSS Flexbox Bundle

This online web development course is actually a bundle of several different courses aimed at budding web developers. The four-course offering is 8.5 hours long and not only teaches the basic syntax and principles behind HTML and CSS web development, but takes a step further and talks about the importance of responsive web design. Students, in fact, will create their own responsive websites using not only HTML and CSS code, but HTML and CSS Flexbox as well. At the end of the course students will receive a “Certificate of Completion” for use on their social profiles and for job interviews.

To learn more details about the curriculum of this website design course, visit its page: Create Your First Website with HTML and CSS Flexbox Bundle.

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