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Best Online Course to Learn Go and Golang

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The Go programming language – or Golang as it is also known – was created by engineers at Google back in 2007. At the time, the company was looking for a way to increase productivity amongst its developers, particularly for applications that relied heavily on multicore threading (or multithreading), networked machines, and codebases that were of considerable size.

Golang and Go Programming Online Courses

Since its inception, Go has grown amongst the developer community and it is used by a large number of tech companies, including not only Google, but PayPal, Netflix, Microsoft, Uber, Twitch, and Salesforce – to name but a few. Go typically ranks in the top 15 spot for programming languages in the major developer surveys, which might not seem very high at first glance. However, that placement still puts it above such notables as R, Ruby, Fortran, and Perl – all of whom have existed for a considerable time longer. Because of this, its support from Google, and its relative easy of use, it is definitely a programming language worth learning as a first language or as a secondary.

From a salary perspective, Golang programmers and Go developers earn $90,000 on the low-end and $135,000 as a median. With that in mind, we have rounded-up the top online courses to learn Go programming.

Programming with Google Go Specialization from Coursera

The Programming with Google Go Specialization course from Coursera is offered by the UCI Division of Continuing Education and is actually part of a series of courses from which students can earn a certificate upon completion. The entire series of courses take 3 months to complete, but they begin with the first course, which teaches the basics of Go software development.

In this Go course, students will learn how to work with Go data types, best practices and protocols for Golang development, basic Go syntax, and how to write code that uses RFCs and JSON. By the end of the course, pupils will have completed several simple programs and be prepared to move on to the next two courses in the series, which teach intermediate and advanced Golang coding principles.

The course is technically consider an intermediate level offering, and it is recommended that students have a programming background in a language such as Python or C. It is estimated to take 11 hours to complete in total. Interested programmers can sign-up for the Go course by visiting its listing on Coursera: Programming with Google Go Specialization from Coursera.

Learn How to Code: Google’s Go Programming Language from Udemy

The Learn How to Code: Google’s Go Programming Language online course from Udemy is a great place to start if you have no programming experience or are new to Golang coding. If you do have Go development experience, there is a still a lot you can learn, as the course takes students from beginner through to advanced software development concepts.

Topics covered in this Golang course include basic syntax, how to work with channels, threading, and concurrency. Important concepts like benchmarking app performance, testing, writing documentation, and how to perform error handling make up part of the curriculum as well. By course-end, students will have practice coding on many different exercises and code puzzles, helping to ensure they have a solid understanding of what it means to be a programmer in the real world.

You can learn more about this Golang course by visiting its page on Udemy: Learn How to Code: Google’s Go Programming Language.

Web Development with Go Programming Language from Udemy

Udemy’s Web Development with Go Programming Language course is a class with a purpose. It aims to teach students how to develop websites and web apps with Golang. It seeks to achieve this with 19 hours of content, which covers a large array of server-side programming topics.

Pupils taking this online course will learn about servers, how they operate, and how to perform server tasks like routing, creating templates, and configuring file servers with JSON. They will further learn how to use Go’s standard library to build web applications and dynamically scaling distributed applications. Other server scripting topics like handling cookies, UUIDs, HTTP methods and response codes, and more will be discussed.

We also like this course because it covers how to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for app and website hosting. Since the course is a specialty course, it is recommended that you have a working knowledge of basic Go development. To learn more, or to sign-up for the class, visit its page on Udemy’s website: Web Development with Go Programming Language.

Golang: How to Build a Blockchain in Go from Udemy

Another course with a purpose, Udemy’s Golang: How to Build a Blockchain in Go is a timely offering, as it covers not just the emerging Go programming language, but the topic of Blockchain as well. Crypto has seen its ups and downs in the past few years, but, despite its downturns, the oft-confusing technology seems to be gaining a foothold, as cryptocurrency is being embraced by investment firms and even country’s as an alternative to regular currency.

In this course, which is short compared to others on our list, is only five and a half hours long. It begins with two lectures that provide an overview of what Blockchain is before diving into the actual creation of both a Blockchain and a Wallet. From there, the Blockchain Server API will be covered, before students undertake the task of understanding the underlying structure of the Blockchain Network.

Though not a requirement, Udemy does recommend students have an understanding of cryptocurrency and basic knowledge of Go programming concepts. To learn more, check out the courses listing on Udemy: Golang: How to Build a Blockchain in Go.

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