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Want to have your salary match your talent? Want to develop the expertise and credentials that are equal to your vision? If so, now is the time to take control of your career. has partnered with, a comprehensive directory of online schools and campus degree programs, to supply you with the facts you need to make educational and career-related decisions. Regardless of your current education level or employment status, there is information on that will help you take both to the next level — from a list of online and campus master’s degree programs and in-depth industry research to targeted video interviews and in-depth, relevant education news articles.

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Degree Programs in Computer Software and Engineering

Have a desire to learn how computer software is developed? Consider enrolling in a computer software & engineering degree program.  With technology rapidly advancing on a daily basis, software engineers are in high demand—and can command lucrative salaries as a result. 

Degree Programs in Network Administration

Network administration jobs are always in demand.  As a network administrator, you are in charge of installing and supporting a company’s network systems.  You must be able to update and maintain the software you install, as well as troubleshoot whenever hardware or software problems arise.  To become a network administration expert, consider enrolling in one of many online or campus degree programs that focus on this specific area of technical expertise.

Degree Programs in Computer Science

A degree in computer science is the hottest ticket in town.  Virtually every industry relies on computer-based technology to function; possessing a skill set that can maintain and enhance these technological tools puts you in a competitive position within the job market.  Learn more about both online and campus-based computer science degree programs—enroll and watch your career skyrocket.

Degree Programs in Information Technology/Web Design

The world is your oyster, but it’s no secret that this world is now dominated by the Internet.  Earning your degree in information technology/web design puts you in a position to help individuals and organizations across all industries design and create one of their most essential marketing tools: a website. 

Degree Programs in Maintenance Technology

With the world dependent upon technological systems in virtually every industry, it is absolutely essential to have trained specialists who can troubleshoot with internal employees, as well as with customers.  Earning a degree that specializes in this area will teach you what you need to know about information technology support.  Through hands-on instruction via online or campus degree programs, you will be able to market yourself as an in-demand candidate for maintenance technology jobs across all industries.

Degree Programs in Information Science

If you enjoy being waist-deep in all things technology, earning a certificate or degree in the field of information technology could be the right path.  Earning this online or campus degree gives you hands-on experience that is highly attractive to potential employers.  Your information science degree can help you become a number of things, including a network systems analyst, an information systems manager, a telecommunications specialist, and more.

Degree Programs in Graphics & Multimedia

Amidst our digital world, graphic designers with specialized multimedia skills are in high demand.  If you have a strong sense of creativity and are willing to learn the latest, advanced computer skills, enrolling in an online degree program in graphics and multimedia may be a wise choice. Elevate your skill set and income potential by exploring these online and campus degree programs.

Degree Programs in Technical Management

Whether you want to be a Chief Technology Officer, a project manager, a database administrator or any other technology-related job, earning an online or campus degree in technical management is a positive move.  Get your hands-on education through exploring a wide variety of degree programs, all designed to give you an edge over the competition.

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