January 20, 2021
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Review of 10 Popular PHP Shopping Carts, Page 2

  • By Vojislav Janjic
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PHP Shopping Cart #6: OpenCart

Unlike Magento, OpenCart is easy to install and set up. The user experience is great -- customers can shop by brand, read or write product reviews and see related products. Website owners should also be satisfied with this cart -- there are minimal bugs, the product stock status and versions can be set, and much more.

One of the negatives of OpenCart is that its pre-installed options are limited. It relies heavily on third-party modules. For example, FedEx and UPS calculations can be set up only through a custom module. Also, the reporting features are lacking. For example, reports such as the low stock report are not supported.

PHP Shopping Cart #7: OsCSS

The first thing you will notice about the OsCSS ecommerce software is that French is the only language choice during installation. Although the cart supports multiple languages and they can be installed manually, the developers decided not to pre-install English. Also, some installation options don't work well. For instance, if you decide to disable URL rewriting, your cart won't work at all.

When you log in to the admin interface, the impression of OsCSS is much better. Some of the most notable functions are the ability to upload custom modules, create an XML sitemap and install multiple languages.

The biggest disadvantage of this software is the checkout module, which lacks integration for the most popular payment options.

PHP Shopping Cart #8: Zen Cart

Zen Cart software may be difficult to use for users with no Web development knowledge. It offers many customization options, but they are not organized well and not easy to understand. Furthermore, when the software is installed, it requires that you manually edit files in order to change the location of the admin folder.

On the other hand, the overall user experience is good. Zen Cart supports most of the important options for a shopping cart, but some of them, such as VeriSign or Worldpay payments, must be installed manually.

If you need a feature-rich ecommerce solution and you are ready to spend some time learning how to use it, install Zen Cart.

PHP Shopping Cart #9: Cube Cart

Cube Cart is very user friendly. It is installed quickly, and the admin is easy to use. However, it is not as feature rich as other shopping carts. A Cube Cart shopping cart cannot be fully adapted to local markets as it doesn't support different tax rates for countries. It has multiple shipping options, but FedEx is not supported. Users can pay via Paypal, Moneybooker or the Authorize.net gateway, but there is no integration for VeriSign.

Shopping experience features shopping by category and mailing list modules. Cube Cart is also somewhat buggy, but it can be useful if you need a quick and simple solution.

PHP Shopping Cart #10: Ubercart

For those who like to use Drupal, Ubercart can be very useful. This module offers quick installation and setup. Many shipping and payment options are integrated and are available in the core installation.

The problem with this module is that many features require third-party solutions, that is, other Drupal modules. Keeping in mind that it lacks a good user's guide and that most bugs don't get fixed, module incompatibility problems could be very difficult to overcome. Moreover, there are many small bugs, which can also be difficult to fix.

However, it works well with the CCK module. If you like Drupal and want to run an ecommerce site, consider this solution.

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Voja Janjic is a PHP programmer with more than four years' experience.

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This article was originally published on July 22, 2011

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