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Introducing Compojure, the Clojure Framework, Page 2

  • June 2, 2011
  • By Jason Gilmore
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Introducing Compojure

It might come as a surprise to you that a Lisp-dialect such as Clojure can be used for Web development. In fact, Hacker News' founder Paul Graham created and sold the world's first e-commerce startup to Yahoo!, a project written entirely in Lisp. If you'd like to explore the idea of building Web applications using Clojure, check out Compojure, a Clojure-based Web framework.

Further Reading

Hopefully this short introduction to Clojure piqued your interest. If so, you're in luck because a great number of online learning resources are at your disposal. Consider starting with these five sites:

  • Clojure.org: The official Clojure website is the logical starting point, providing the latest information about the language, in addition to pointers to tutorials, books and other learning resources.
  • Learn Clojure: The Learn Clojure website has compiled a great list of freely available video-based Clojure tutorials.
  • Clojure Wikibook: Although still very much a work in progress, the Clojure Wikibook already offers some pretty useful instruction.
  • Casting Spells in Lisp: Despite the title, this fantastic tutorial really does talk specifically about Clojure, introducing Clojure topics by way of creating a simple text adventure game.
  • Clojure for the Non-Lisp Programmer: Moxley Stratton published a great tutorial which introduces Clojure newcomers to language fundamentals.

About the Author

Jason Gilmore--Contributing Editor, PHP--is the founder of EasyPHPWebsites.com, and author of the popular book, "Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework". Jason is a cofounder and speaker chair of CodeMash, a nonprofit organization tasked with hosting an annual namesake developer's conference, and was a member of the 2008 MySQL Conference speaker selection board.

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