September 26, 2020
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PrismTech Releases Public Beta 2 of OpenFusion JDO

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Press ReleasePrismTech today announced the availability of the second beta release of OpenFusion(R) JDO, its implementation of the Java(TM) Data Objects (JDO) specification. To help educate users about the significant benefits of JDO PrismTech has also announced it is organizing a series of JDO Workshops and Seminars in USA and Europe with leading JDO experts including the JDO Specification Lead from Sun Microsystems(TM).

JDO is a new technology for transparent persistence which will have a major impact on the way that Java applications are written. The JDO specification has been developed as part of the Java Community Process (JCP). Further background information about the JDO specification can be found at http://access1.sun.com/jdo/.

JDO can provide efficient persistent storage for applications, from the smallest embedded systems, through conventional two-tier client-server systems to the largest multi-tier enterprise systems.

By defining a standard interface to storage systems, independent of whether they are object based, relational or simply flat files, JDO offers benefits to both application developers and database vendors. Application developers no longer have to customize their application for each data store they support, reducing maintenance costs and increasing their potential market. Database vendors can provide a standard JDO implementation for their database which will then work with any JDO-compliant application.

Application server based enterprise systems also benefit from JDO. Developers can use JDO to shorten the development cycle for session and entity bean persistence. Application server vendors can use JDO to implement container managed persistence.

As the JDO specification nears finalization, PrismTech has made available a second beta release of OpenFusion JDO which conforms with the latest version of the JDO specification. The release contains many new features including support for collections and an improved portable mechanism for loading object relational maps which removes the need for developers to be aware of the mapping description files. This release will be followed by a series of betas culminating in a GA release in October which conforms with the mandatory requirements of the specification.

"JDO fills a major gap in current technologies and greatly simplifies the process of providing persistence for Java applications," said John Russell, PrismTech's OpenFusion JDO Product Manager. "It is likely that JDO will be the next big step in helping to consolidate Java as the clear language of choice for all application developers world-wide. We are confident that OpenFusion JDO will be at the forefront of the JDO market through its high quality implementation of the JDO specification."

This new release of OpenFusion JDO is now available for download from PrismTech's web site at http://www.prismtechnologies.com.

To help educate the market about the significant benefits that JDO has to offer PrismTech has also announced a series of JDO Seminars and Workshops. Speakers at the events include the JDO Specification lead, Craig Russell of Sun Microsystems; and JDO Expert Group members David Jordan of Object Identity and Steve Johnson of PrismTech. The events will be held in:

  • Boston, MA, USA - 9th October
  • Dallas, TX, USA - 10th October
  • San Jose, CA, USA - 11th October
  • London, UK - 16th October
  • Paris, France - 18th October

Further information and registration details for the events can be found at http://www.prismtechnologies.com/English/News/events/jdo/

About PrismTech

PrismTech develops and markets "Integration Server" technology, serving customers worldwide in telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing and other markets. PrismTech's OpenFusion software bridges industry standards such as J2EE(TM), CORBA(R), XML and SOAP, to add Integration Server capability to J2EE Application Servers and CORBA middleware platforms.

Enterprise Java Beans and Java are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems. OpenFusion is a trademark of PrismTech. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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This article was originally published on September 11, 2001

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