March 4, 2021
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Mainsoft Corp. Releases Visual MainWin 5 for Cross Platform Development

  • By Rosemarie Graham
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On Wednesday, August 21st, Mainsoft Corporation, the software porting company, announced the release of Visual MainWin 5. Visual MainWin 5 enables developers to develop enterprise level C++ applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and rapidly deploy them to multiple Unix platforms. It actually recompiles Windows source code with the Unix compilers to create native Unix applications. The product, Visual MainWin 5, delivers an unprecedented level of multi-platform performance, security, and scalability for today's enterprise-class applications, while providing a solid XML foundation for building Web services. Visual MainWin 5 supports the vision of interoperable XML Web services based on Microsoft .NET technology. There is also a J2EE Integration Package available for Java programmers.

Developed in close cooperation with Microsoft through the Visual Studio .NET Integration Program (VSIP), Visual MainWin 5 extends the Visual Studio .NET development environment to deploy C++ applications on multiple flavors of Unix and Linux.

At the core of Visual MainWin 5 is significantly enhanced performance, scalability and reliability. To achieve this, Visual MainWin 5 has been designed from the ground up for linear scalability and process isolation, enabling non-stop operation. Validated by around-the-clock testing at throughput rates of over 1,500 transactions-per-second, the new product achieves tremendous linear performance and scalability compared to its rivals. For example, on multi-processor machines, the core Microsoft XML engine in Visual MainWin 5 is 7 times faster than the widely available Apache Xerces XML.

Since world-class security is another vital component of all enterprise applications, Visual MainWin 5 leverages industry-leader RSA's BSAFE encryption engine to provide cross-platform security.

Finally, making key Microsoft .NET technologies cross-platform capable will entice more Independent Software Vendors and enterprises to migrate to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Visual MainWin 5 provides a solid foundation for successive Mainsoft releases containing additional technologies including XML4, SOAP Toolkit V3.0, ATL Server and MFC7, thus enabling a smooth transition to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

For more information and a free evaluation visit www.mainsoft.com/vmw5

This article was originally published on August 23, 2002

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