January 24, 2021
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PHP Database Options: More Than Just MySQL
PHP is often used with MySQL, but there are many options thanks to extensions and an …

Getting Started with the Elixir Programming Language
Elixir is a dynamic, functional, and scalable language that developers have grown to love. …

TypeScript: JavaScript with Safe Types
TypeScript adds a data typing layer to JavaScript that is well worth learning. We'll get …

Getting Started with Go Programming
In this tutorial, we explain the basics of the Go programming language and offer some …

Creating CSS Components with Emotion JS
You can write CSS styles with JavaScript using the Emotion library. Here's a tutorial and …

Creating an API with Rust and SQLite
Now that we've learned the basics in Rust, it's time to get more advanced. We'll start …

Introduction to Kotlin
Kotlin has been gaining steam in the developer community over the last few years. …

Introduction to Go
Go overcomes a number of imitations of C languages, which explains its surge in popularity.

An Introduction to the Rust Programming Language
Rust has become the most-loved programming language. Learn why - and get a great …

An Introduction to Dynamic Language Support in JVM
JVM gives direct support of modern dynamic languages. The strength of the dynamic …

Understanding Big Data Analytics
Here, you will find a brief overview about the techniques used with big data analytics.

Creating a Tree Diagram with D3.js
Learn to use Data Driven Documents (D3) to show a data set using a tree layout.

An Overview of D3.js Chart Types
Explore the world of charts, with D3 as your guide.

What Is Cloud Computing?
Learn the basics of cloud computing.

Writing Reactive Code with RxJS
Get a taste of reactive programming, and learn what RxJS can do for your JavaScript …

Applying Conditional Styles to Components Using Angular Declarations
Explore the ngClass and ngStyle styles in detail to ease your Angular woes.

Setting Client-specific Styles in Angular Using Less.js

How to Create a Scrollable, Updatable ResultSet Object in JDBC
When fetching a list of records through queries, we often need to store them in an object …

Getting Started with Spring and Vaadin
Both Spring and Vaadin can be used to create a Web application because they are Java …

Migrating a MySQL Database from CloudSQL To AWS RDS
Learn to migrate a MySQL database instance from Google CloudSQL to AWS RDS using Database …

Develop More Flexible Node.js Web and Mobile Apps with Express
Learn how Express came about, what's good about it, and finally, how to create a basic app …

Merging Data Files with Statistica, Part 2
Explore using case names and variable names with Statistica in your database.

Merging Data Files with Statistica, Part 1
Learn about the range of features and GUI provided by Statistica to make it one of the …

Coffee Break: Developer Jokes and Puns
Take a break from the seriousness of coding and check out these jokes and puns!

Accelerating PHP Web Application Creation with Symfony
a Explore the Symfony universe and build a simple Web page that incorporates a controller …

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