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Sun has formally released the tiger… Project Tiger that is. They announced the much anticipated beta program for Code Project Tiger, the JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.5 — J2SETM 1.5. on Thursday. This is the first major release of Java since version 1.4 was released was release two years ago.

Key Updates to the Beta

The language updates in the new version allow developers to
be more efficient and more productive by supporting faster and more secure
coding. New features include generics, enumerated types, metadata and
autoboxing of primitive types. Performance improvements integral to the new
release include reduced startup time, a smaller memory footprint and Java
Virtual Machine (JVMTM) auto-tuning to drive greater overall application
and development performance on the new platform.

Monitoring and manageability is a key focus for the release, and J2SE 1.5
features improvements that allow Java technology-based applications created
on the J2SE 1.5 platform to be deployed into existing SNMP-based enterprise
management systems. This allows the JVM software to be monitored and
managed for higher levels of reliability, availability and serviceability.
Also new in J2SE 1.5 platform is the inclusion of the Java Management
Extensions (JMXTM), delivering out-of-the-box deployment to enterprise
management systems that support JMX.

NetBeans 3.6 Beta Also Released

J2SE 1.5 also includes continued support for rich application development
that integrated development environment (IDE) vendors can take advantage of
to provide an even greater developer experience. One of the first IDEs to
support the new J2SE 1.5 technology capabilities is the NetBeansTM open
source IDE. With over 2.1 million downloads since June 2003, the popular
NetBeans software tools framework is staged for a new release, version 3.6,
which is expected to be available via beta program this week. NetBeans
release 3.6 is compatible with the J2SE 1.5 release, and NetBeans release
4.0 is expected to be fully optimized to take advantage of J2SE 1.5
platform features. NetBeans release 3.6 beta will be available located at

Beta Program Enrollment Open Now

J2SE 1.5 has been developed under the Java Community Process[sm] (JCP[sm])
as Java Specification Request (JSR) 176, which is led by Sun and an expert
group of industry-recognized corporate and individual developers. The JSR
recently won a unanimous vote in the JCP Executive Committee, making way
for the beta program to officially open, and accept participants
immediately. For more information and to participate in the J2SE 1.5 beta
program, visit

See the following article for more details on Tiger and its expectations:

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