November 1, 2020
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Top 10 Java Articles on Developer.com

  • By Bradley L. Jones
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Developer.com and Gamelan are regularly posting Java articles. Every now and then it is interesting to step back and see what people are reading. We did this today and the top ten articles related to Java that are being read the most are listed below. This is based on the number of views for each article as of January 1st of this year. As such, some of these articles are older.

There isn't a single topic within Java that is dominating what people are reading. Additionally, it is interesting to note that there is a large variety of authors being read. Without further delay, here are the top ten articles (most popular is first):

1 - Using JDBC with MySQL, Getting Started
    By Richard Baldwin

2 - An Introduction to Java Annotations
    By M. M. Islam Chisty

3 - An Introduction to JSP Standard Template Library (JSTL)
    By Jeff Heaton

4 - SWT Programming with Eclipse
    By Koray Guclu

5 - Winners of the Developer.com Product of the Year 2009 Are Announced
    By Rosemarie Graham

6 - Processing Image Pixels using Java, Getting Started
    By Richard G. Baldwin

7 - Introduction to EJBs
    By Sams Publishing

8 - Using Foreach Loops in J2SE 1.5
    By Jeff Langr

9 - Developing Java-Based Mobile Games
    By Mugdha Chauhan

10 - Debugging a Java Program with Eclipse
    By David Gallardo

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This article was originally published on April 9, 2009

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