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Product Announcements: August 8, 2003

  • By Adam Hammer
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New products and updates are released everyday. You don't want to miss a cool tool that can save you hours of coding... or fun. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all of the current announcements. That is where Developer.com and Gamelan.com can help. We will keep you up to date on announcements geared towards the programmer market.

Open Source

Python 2.3 (final)

Python 2.3 was released on Tuesday (29 Jul 2003). This is the latest stable release. The Python programming language is an object-oriented scripting and rapid application development language. Download it at


ScummVM 0.5.0

ScummVM is a cross-platform adventure game interpreter, supporting Simon the Sorcerer 1/2, Beneath a Steel Sky, and many LucasArts adventures. A new stable release of ScummVM, version 0.5.0, is available. Along with the usual bugfixes, this version supports several new games (Enhanced Maniac Mansion/Zak McKracken, Beneath a Steel Sky).


Freevo version 1.3.3

This release includes many new features, one important feature is Xine support to have DVD navigation (optional). Freevo is a Linux application that turns a PC with a TV capture card and/or TV-out into a standalone multimedia jukebox/VCR/PVR/HTPC. It uses MPlayer (included) to play and record audio+video. It is optimized for use with a TV+remote.


Audacity sound editor 1.2.0-pre1

Audacity 1.2.0-pre1 is a public test release of the free Audacity sound editor. This release has improved professional-quality audio processing; major new features such as the ability to speed up, slow down, and alter the pitch of a track; and many bug fixes since the last beta version 1.1.3. Audacity is a fast multitrack audio editor and recorder for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Supports WAV, AIFF, Ogg, and MP3 formats. Features include envelope editing, mixing, built-in effects and plug-ins, all with unlimited undo.



A new relese of zinf with bug fixes, enhancements, and a new build system! Zinf is the continuation of FreeA*p and has all the same features as FreeA*mp: MP3, Vorbis, WAV and audio CD playback, streaming (SHOUTcast, Icecast, RTP) support, a powerful musicbrowser/playlist editor, a themed interface and a RMP download manager.


phpBB 2.0.6

phpBB Group are pleased to announce the release of phpBB 2.0.6 the "phew, it's way to hot to be furry" Edition. This release had been made to fix a number of potential security related issues and more annoying bugs. Work continues on 2.2.0 and again we do not plan on further releases of 2.0.x except where critical issues arise. phpBB is the worlds leading Open Source flat style discussion forum software.


POPSurgeon v1.2

POPSurgeon goal is to use an ISP server as backup for emails (or to remove sensitive email from said server). It achieves this goal by allowing one to remove unwanted email from the server. The third release of POPSurgeon is now available. This release allows the inspection of message by looking at the header, the body or both. POPSurgeon is a program to perform discrete deletion on a POP3 server.


Posadis 0.60.0

Finally, after nine months of hard work, Posadis 0.60.0 is ready! Posadis 0.60.0, which is a complete re-write of Posadis, now supports caching and resolving, it has a plug-in system, and it can monitor your files for activity. Also, I hope the 100% CPU usage problems of Posadis 0.50.x now finally belong to the past.


Open POSIX Test Suite version 1.2.0

POSIX Test Suite 1.2.0 is a significant release because of its complete threads core conformance tests, timers core conformance tests, complete signals, message queues, and semaphores conformance tests! Also there are added important POSIX functions such as the ones associated with sys/mman.h (thanks to Jerome M.). Bug fixes from previous release as well.


jfox release 1.0 DR

jfox 1.0 Development Release with a fast scaleable ejb container and a lot of excited features, but DR version is not the final version, only a preview for java developers interested in jfox, the final version is in developing... please download the package and look the docs for more infomation. The JFox is an Open Source, standards-compliant, J2EE based application server implemented in 100% Pure Java, It comes from China.


STAF V2.5.0

STAF (Software Testing Automation Framework) Version .5.0 is now available. The Software Testing Automation ramework (STAF) is a framework designed to improve the level of reuse and automation in test cases and test environments. The goal of STAF is to provide a complete end-to-end automation solution for testers.


Symbio 1.6

Symbio 1.6 is out, with exciting new features such as IP banning and themable statistics, plus lots of tweaks for your convenience. Got a blog? Then you'll definitely want this commenting system. It's got lots of cool features, including themes, multi-language support, smileys, text styling and statistics, and best of all, it's free software! (Written in perl)


Exult 1.1Beta1

Exult is a complete game engine for running Ultima 7 on a variety of operating systems, and also includes ExultStudio, allowing you to make your own mods or even completely new games. This release includes many bug fixes and usability enhancements, including combat improvements, OGG Vorbis support, additional artwork, party-formation, and the port to the Zaurus. In addition, ExultStudio has been upgraded to use GTK-2.x, and has had many bugs fixed.


giFT 0.11.3

giFT is a project designed to completely abstract low-level filesharing protocol communication while allowing seamless support for multiple networks. Currently available plugins include: OpenFT, Gnutella, and FastTrack (third party). This release features only build environment improvements and new command line options to override the local, home, plugin, and data directories that giFT was configured to use. This feature is currently only being used by the poisoned developers to package a mostly self-contained giFT installation.



Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition Version 1.4.2


The Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v1.4.2 is an upgrade release of the Java platform. It contains new features and enhancements in many functional areas This document summarizes known bugs, workarounds, and other important issues to be aware of in this release. For further information, refer to the following links:

Enhancements and Changes in J2SE 1.4.2 Platform
Download page

Optimizeit Enterprise Suite


Optimizeit Enterprise Suite combines the capabilities of Optimizeit Suite 5.5 with additional developer-centric J2EE profiling capabilities to address the special needs of J2EE developers. This augments the Java code level performance tracking provided by Optimizeit Suite by giving J2EE developers the ability to profile applications at the J2EE component level during development.


This article was originally published on August 8, 2003

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