JavaTop Java Online Training Courses and Bundles

Top Java Online Training Courses and Bundles

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There are plenty of tutorials and books discussing how to develop software in the Java programming language. However, in most instances, learning a language as powerful and complex as Java requires a more hands on approach. If you are ready to become an expert Java developer, we have a list of online training courses and bundles for Java programming that will help you along your path.

Online Java Programming Courses

The online Java programming classes listed below are all offered from TechRepublic Academy. Each has its own set of curriculum aimed at teaching would-be programmers how to develop software in Java. Some of the courses are bootcamps, while others are bundles of multiple Java courses designed to take budding coders from novice to expert.

The Ultimate Java Expert Certification Bundle

We don’t believe in saving the best for last, so we wanted to highlight this heavy-hitting Java training bundle right off the bat. It consists of 11 courses that total 38 hours of content. It begins with an overview of What is New in Java 9, which serves as a refresher for current Java developers, and a gentle introduction to new coders. From there, the real work begins, as the course shifts into part two, which covers how to build web applications with Springboot and Vaadin (two web frameworks) and, of course, Java code.

From there, students begin to really use Java in a hands-on manner, as they learn the following programming concepts and techniques over the course of the remaining 9 Java courses:

  • Java Multi-Threading Programming
  • Java Design Patterns
  • How to Build Desktop Applications with Java Swing
  • Master Advanced Java Concepts
  • Introduction to Java: Master Java Fundamentals
  • Java Lambda Expressions
  • Java Intermediate Concepts and Code Examples
  • JavaFX: How to Build Beautiful User Interfaces
  • How to work with Databases in Java

You can learn more about this Java certification training bundle by visiting its page on TechRepublic Academy: The Ultimate Java Expert Certification Bundle.

The Complete Java Master Class Bundle

Not to be outdone, TechRepublic Academy’s Complete Java Master Class Bundle is a terrific deal for those looking to go from beginner to expert developer over the course of 7 online courses. Totaling a whopping 65 hours of content, the software development training bundle covers everything you need to know to become a powerhouse Java programmer.

The first course jumps right in and tackles the topic of mobile development in Java – and, specifically – how to developer apps for Android devices. From there, the training takes a step back and students learn beginner to expert Java concepts over 76 lessons (11 hours of training). The third course seeks to put students back to work as they begin to work with the Selenium WebDriver before moving on to course four’s coverage of the Apache Maven software development framework.

Course five then slows down once more to take a look at what is new in Java 9, then the bundle wraps things up by delving into intermediate and advanced Java programming topics and code examples, as well as touching back on the topic of Android development with Java.

To learn more, check out the courses listing on TechRepublic Academy: The Complete Java Master Class Bundle.

The Java Bootcamp Bundle

This offering is both a bootcamp and a bundle! It is a shorter series of online training courses for Java developers, but it is an excellent place for new developers – or old veterans – to learn or rehash their knowledge of the language. Lasting only ten hours, the courses pack in a ton of knowledge, including the following Java concepts and programming principles:

  • Introduction to Java
  • Java Basics
  • Java Objects
  • Comparison and Flow Control Structures
  • Java Arrays
  • Java Inheritance Concepts
  • Java Interfaces Concepts
  • Java Exceptions Classes
  • Java Collections
  • Working with Java Inner Classes

As you can see, once the courses get underway, the prevailing focus is on Java object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts, which are important to learn, especially for developers wanting to excel at code reusability, maintainability, and readability.

You can learn more about this Java course bundle and bootcamp by visiting its TechRepublic Academy listing: The Java Bootcamp Bundle.

The Complete 2022 Java Coder Bundle

The Complete 2022 Java Coder Bundle is an impressive series of online Java courses, jam packed with training that sets you up to not only become an expert Java software engineer, but also preps you for taking several developer certifications, not the least of which is the Oracle Certification. It is a great Java training bundle for those that are serious about their careers and want to take their coding abilities to the next level.

Don’t get fooled into thinking that this course series is only for experienced programmers – it isn’t. In fact, the first two courses in the bundle focus on introducing students to Java and teaching them how to code in Java the right way. From there, the course ramps up in stages by teaching students the following software engineering principles:

  • How to build powerful client applications in JavaFX
  • How to use Java web technologies to become a Java web developer
  • How to prepare for Oracle Certification and become a Java engineer
  • Lessons on how to become a junior Java software developer
  • A complete course on becoming a Java and Android Studio developer from the ground up
  • How to use Apache Maven
  • How to master Java programming from expert to beginner and ready yourself for Oracle certification

You can dive deeper into the curriculum for each of these courses by viewing the bundles page on TechRepublic Academy: The Complete 2022 Java Coder Bundle.

Complete Java Programming Bootcamp

Our last Java programming class we want to highlight in this tutorial is the Complete Java Programming Bootcamp from TechRepublic Academy. This series of 10 Java courses is estimated at 82 hours of content and the coverage of programming concepts makes it live up to its name. Designed for new developers or programmers looking to pick up Java as a second or third language, the series of training sessions cover the follow Java software development topics:

    • Java data structures and algorithms
    • Java Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture
    • Working with Java reflection, annotations, and lambdas
    • Object-oriented programming (OOP) and design concepts in Java
    • Multithreading in Java
    • A look at 24 Java Design Patterns
    • How to developer User Interfaces (UIs) with JavaFX and Swing
    • Various courses teaching Java programming from basic to advanced topics and coding principles

To learn more, visit the course listing at: Complete Java Programming Bootcamp.


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