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Integrating CORBA and J2EE Messaging Standards

Burlington, MA, USA — 08 August, 2001 — PrismTech, a leading vendor ofstandards-based Integration Server technologies, today announced that itwould be leading a submission to the OMG(TM)’s recently issued Request forProposals (RFP) to integrate the CORBA(R) Notification and J2EE(TM) JMSMessaging Standards. PrismTech was also the primary author of the RFPitself.

Asynchronous messaging is a proven communication model for developinglarge-scale, distributed enterprise applications. As opposed to regularrequest-reply based communication in traditional client-server systems,messaging provides more flexibility and scalability because the senders andreceivers of messages are decoupled.

The OMG standard for asynchronous publish-subscribe communications is theNotification Service, while in the Java(TM) 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)standard, the Java Message Service (JMS) provides this capability. The OMGs RFP solicits proposals to enable interworking between the two standards,so that CORBA and Java objects (including EJB(TM)’s) can communicate witheach other asynchronously.

Increasingly, in order to support end-to-end processes, it is becomingnecessary to provide various levels of interworking between Java/EJB andCORBA (non-Java or legacy) applications. A number of existing standardsprovide basic interworking methods such as the OMG’s Java/IDL mapping, theIIOP support mandated within J2EE, etc. However, to support more flexibleinterworking requires a higher level approach — for example integrateddirectories, integrated transactions and especially integrated messaging.

By providing such functionality, the task of integrating Java/EJB and CORBAapplications will be made easier, more flexible and reliable. Manyorganizations are now building new application functionality using J2EEapplication servers, but also wish to maintain, leverage and extend theirnon-Java applications as they adapt to new e-business processes. Messagingis a key part of meeting this requirement, allowing J2EE applications toasynchronously communicate with non-Java applications in a truly integratedenvironment.

“Telcordia Technologies, in common with many other organizations, faces amajor task integrating its CORBA applications to new functionality builtusing J2EE. We see messaging as a core component of our applicationintegration infrastructure and need standards-based message levelinteroperability between CORBA Notification Service and Java Message Service(JMS),” said Pat Roche, General Manager of Integrated Solutions Engineering,Telcordia Technologies. “This is a key as Telcordia Technologies developsan open architecture that facilitates complete and flexible operationalsolutions for our customers. Telcordia is pleased that PrismTech is leadinga standardization effort in the OMG and fully supports the ongoing effortsto complete the standard.”

The submission to the RFP will be led by Dr Tom Urquhart, Chief TechnologyOfficer of PrismTech Corporation. Dr Urquhart was also the author of theRFP and has many years extensive experience in distributed computingparticularly in the telecommunications and finance industries.

“PrismTech is a valuable contributor to the OMG process, as proven by thejust-issued Notification / Java Message Service Interworking Request forProposals of which they are a major driver,” said Richard Soley,Chairman/CEO of the Object Management Group. Fostering interoperabilitybetween CORBA and other technologies remains critical, and this Request willdo just that for the enterprise that depends on both J2EE and other CORBAimplementations. PrismTech is a leading implementer of OMG standards throughtheir OpenFusion product range and we appreciate their continuing activeparticipation in the OMG.

Tom Urquhart added,

“In order to facilitate end-to-end e-business, it’svital to provide reliable connectivity between legacy / CORBA applicationsand new applications built using EJB’s. By standardizing this at themessaging level, both CORBA and J2EE users will have a powerful tool intheir arsenal to integrate between these worlds. As a leading vendor ofboth JMS and Notification Service products, PrismTech is ideally positionednot only to lead definition of the interworking standard, but also to bringsuitable product to market quickly through our OpenFusion range of J2EE andCORBA Services.”

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