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Sun Microsystems, Inc. has
announced the next release of Sun Java(tm) Studio Enterprise, the company’s
feature-rich product suite for enterprise developers. Sun Java Studio
Enterprise 7 features a combination of innovative technologies providing
developers with abilities never before available in a single, tightly
integrated enterprise development environment.

The new release includes three major features that were not available in
previous releases:

  • “Code-Aware” Collaboration, a revolutionary technology that enables
    distributed teams or workgroups to interact and work dynamically together
    in a highly productive manner.

  • Comprehensive support for the Unified Modeling Language (UML), which
    reduces complexity and increases visual clarity across software development
    projects, ensuring a sound architecture is established and communicated
    throughout the enterprise.

  • An Application Profiler, which provides a powerful and efficient means of
    analyzing application performance, enabling developers to identify and
    resolve potential performance-related issues well before any production

“With this new release, Sun is offering a new level of productivity for
Java language developers targeting the performance-shattering Solaris
10(tm) Operating System,” said Joe Keller, vice president, marketing, Java
Web Services and Development Platforms, Sun Microsystems. “By providing
such a productive environment for just a few dollars per developer, Sun can
help organizations significantly reduce the time and money required to
develop, deploy and manage new services. This means organizations can start
reaping efficiency gains and new revenue faster.”

New Features Simplify Collaboration and Streamline Performance
The Code-Aware Collaboration feature enables dispersed development teams to
take advantage of the type of implicit collaboration that occurs when
software developers work side-by-side in a team or workgroup. By using a
range of tools including an instant-messaging-based capability the
transfer of information, expertise and artifacts from one participant to
another is instantaneous, enabling developers to focus on delivering
optimized applications quickly to the end user.

“Code-Aware Collaboration takes team development to a new and inspirational
level,” said James Gosling, technology officer for the Developer Platforms
Group at Sun. In the past, teams dispersed across an organization or around
the world tended to be focused on individual units of code. This technology
will enable them to work together to capture collective innovation, rapidly
iterate and drive the delivery of complex applications more quickly than
ever before.”

Another key feature of the release is support for model-driven analysis,
design and development, leveraging UML. This fully integrated feature
supports key phases of the development lifecycle, from reverse engineering
and documentation of code to user interaction and process modeling, on
through to code generation and application deployment. The feature enables
developers to create visual models of applications, providing a clear
blueprint for implementation and a shorter learning curve for developers.

The Application Profiler is another key new capability, allowing developers
to selectively profile the performance of applications developed using the
Java Studio Enterprise suite. This feature focuses on Web applications and
applications developed using the integrated Web Application Framework,
which provides rapid application development (RAD) features. The
Application Profiler, based on a combination of open standards
technologies, provides a powerful and efficient means for analyzing
application performance at development time, enabling developers ultimately
to deliver faster transaction throughput and an optimal end-user experience.

Java Studio Enterprise, the first comprehensive development environment to
speed development of applications with a compelling collection of
interfaces all targeting the runtime version of the Sun Java Enterprise
System, also provides key productivity features and the ability to
implement user security authentication within an application in minutes.

The product delivers a comprehensive collection of developer resources and
support services. It provides all the resources of the Sun Developer
Network, as well as many code samples and a complete reference application
to help guide development of enterprise applications and Web services. And
it also provides support services, such as special forums for finding
correct answers quickly.

Pricing and Availability

With Java Studio Enterprise, developers will have access to an integrated
offering that brings together the application design and development
process, the ability to fine-tune the performance of applications, and the
increased productivity of collaborative teams working as single virtual
units. This wealth of functionality is offered at a compelling $5 USD (U.S.
list price) per employee license, which includes the right to use the
software and developer services and is renewable each year, or a $1895 USD
(U.S. list price) perpetual seat license, which includes the right to use
the included software perpetually, paired with a right to use the developer
services, which are renewable each year. The product is available on the
Solaris Operating System and Windows platforms.

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