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Service-Oriented Architecture: Event Web Building Block

  • February 10, 2005
  • By K. Mani Chandy and Jonathan Lurié Carmona, Robert Alexander
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More to Come

The next article will discuss components, composition operators, and contracts for EDA and its business network. Until then, consider the broad relationships between EDA and SOA elements in Figure 11.

Click here for a larger image.

Figure 11: SOA vs. EDA

We invite you to participate in The Event Web Community, a not-for-profit community organization where you can search, discover, and share information about the event web. Please visit Spy-Dir-Web.com for more details.

Acknowledgment: This research was supported in part by NSF Grant CCR-0312778 called "Information Infrastructures for Crisis Management."


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Web Services Training: www.quickstart.com [Course 2524]

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About the Authors

K. Mani Chandy is the Simon Ramo Professor of Computer Science at the California Institute of Technology, where he has been a professor since 1989, twice holding the office of Executive Officer of the Computer Science Department. Dr. Chandy does research in distributed computing. He has published three books and over a hundred papers on distributed computing, verification of concurrent programs, parallel programming languages, and performance models of computing and communication systems.

Jonathan Lurie is a newly minted doctoral student at the California Institute of Technology, prior to which he toiled as a "professional software professional" whilst acquiring a bad case of acronym certification measles: MCT, MCSD, MCSE, MCDBA, MCAD.NET, MCSD.NET, MSF, Java Certified Developer, and IBM XML Certified Developer. He currently researches an area of Computer Science known as Sense & Respond at the Infospheres Research Group.

Robert Alexander is a creative graphic designer who delivered the images for this article. Robert can be reached at ralexander@codeconference.com.

All images are the property of Jonathan Lurie.

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