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Acronym Anarchy: Java Evolutions

  • October 4, 2004
  • By Bradley L. Jones
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The following is the complete list in alphabetical order with each abbreviation expanded.

AVK = Java Application Verification Kit
AWT = Abstract Windows Toolkit
AXP = Java API for XML Processing
BMP = Bean Managed Persistence
BMTD = Bean-Managed Transaction Demarcation
CDC = Connected Device Configuration
CLDC= Connected, Limited Device Configuration
CMP = Container Managed Persistence
CMR = Container-Managed Relationships
CORBA = Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CR = Community Review
CTS = Compatibility Test Suite
CTT = Compatibility Test Tool
EAR = Enterprise Archive File
EDR = Early Draft Review
EJB = Enterprise Java Beans
FAB = Final Approval Ballot
FR = Final Release
IDL = Interface Definition Language
IIOP = Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
J2EE = Java 2, Enterprise Edition
J2ME = Java 2, Mobile Edition
J2MEWTK = J2ME Wireless Toolkit
J2SE = Java 2, Standard Edition
JAB = JSR Approval Ballot
JAD = Java Application Descriptor
JAE = Java Application Environment
JAF = Java Activation Framework
JAI = Java Advanced Imaging
JAIN = Java APIs for Integrated Networks
JAIN = Java for the (Advanced) Intelligent Network
JAM = Java Application Manager
JAP = Java Anon Proxy
JAR = Java Archive
JAX = Java API for XML
JAXB = Java Architecture for XML Binding
JAX-RPC = Java API for XML-Based RPC
JAXP = Java API for XML Processing
JAXR = Java API for Registries
JCAT = JAIN Coordination and Transactions
    (also referred to as the Java Coordination and Transaction)
JCC = Java Call Control
JCK = Java Compatibility Kit
JCP = Java Community Process
JCRE = Java Card Runtime Environment
JDBC = Java Database Connectivity
JDK = Java Development Kit
JDO = Java Data Objects
JDP = Java Decision Process
JES = Java Embedded Server
JFC = Java Foundation Classes
JIT = Just-in-time (as in JIT Compiler)
JNDI = Java Naming and Directory Interface
JNI = Java Native Interface
JMS = Java Message Service
JOE = Java Outline Editor
JRE = Java Runtime Environment
JRL = Java Research License
JSAPI = Java Speech API
JSDK = Java Servlet Development Kit
JSF = JavaServer Faces
JSLEE = JAIN Service Logic Execution Environment
JSP = Java Server Pages
JSPA = Java Specification Participation Agreement
JSR = Java Specification Request
JSS = Network Security Services for Java
JSSE = Java Secure Socket Extension
JSTL = JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library
JSWDK = JavaServer Web Development Kit
JTA = Java Transaction API
JTAPI = Java Telephony API
JTS = Java Transaction Service
JTWI = Java Technology for the Wireless Industry
JVM = Java Virtual Machine
JWSDP = Java Web Service Developer Pack
JXTA = Juxtapose, as in side-by-side
MIDP = Mobile Information Device Profile
MMAPI = Mobile Media API
MR = Maintenance Review
MREL = Maintenance Release
ORB = Object Request Broker
OSS/J = Operation Support System through Java
OTS = Object Transaction Service
PFD = Proposed Final Draft
POA = Portable Object Adapter
PR = Public Review
RAR = Resource Adapter Archive
RDF = Resource Description Framework
RI = Reference Implementation
RMI = Remote Method Invocation (JRMI = Java RMI)
SAAJ = SOAP with Attachments API for Java
SATSA = Security and Trust Services API for J2ME
SCE = Service Creation Environment
SCSL = Sun Community Source Licensing
SIP = Session Initiation Protocol
SISSL = Sun Industry Standard Source License
SLEE = Service Logic Execution Environments
SPL = Sun Public License
TCD = TCK Coverage Document = Technology Compatibility Kit Coverage Document
TCK = Technology Compatibility Kit
TDK = Test Development Kit
WMA = Wireless Messaging API
WSDP = Web Services Developer Pack
XLL = XML Link Language

- Bradley L. Jones

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