January 16, 2021
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Working with Java Threads Before and After JDK 5

  • By Avneet Mangat
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When a Java developer builds multithreaded enterprise applications, these are some of the major issues he or she has to face:

  • Deciding how to run several threads in parallel
  • Synchronizing access to some data
  • Executing a block of code synchronously so that only one thread at a time executes a particular block of code

Developers will find plenty of articles about Java threads on the Web, but lost in all the details about the JDK1.5 threading framework's features is a critical analysis of the classic pre-JDK1.5 framework – which still has its uses.

The JDK1.5 threading framework did provide several new features and fine-grained control, which made writing multithreaded Java applications easier than using the classic pre-JDK1.5 framework. However, the process remains challenging and error prone. In his JavaBoutique.com article, Avneet Mangat compares all of the old and new threading-related classes in Java.

Read the full story at Java Boutique:
Java Threads Revisited: Classic vs. New

This article was originally published on August 16, 2010

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