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Isolating Locale-specific Text in International Java Applications

  • June 10, 2010
  • By Rob Gravelle
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All GUI-based programs display and/or manipulate text in some form or another. Java's Locale object allows you to display and manage data in a way that conforms to the rules of a particular geographical region, but only the formatting of the data, not the content itself because the String and related classes are not locale-sensitive.

To handle the String and related classes in locale-specific applications, Java provides a number of other classes. In his WebReference article, Rob Gravelle explores these classes and the following tasks:

  • Place text in Properties files to separate them from source code
  • Creating Properties files for different locales
  • ResourceBundle naming
  • Using the ListResourceBundle class to work with more complex data types
  • Creating your own ResourceBundle
  • Loading resource bundles with the ResourceBundle.Control class

Read the full story at WebReference:
Isolating Locale-specific Text in International Java Applications

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