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Users’ Choice Survey: Java arcade games

Some of the most impressive Java applets in the Gamelan directory, and a favorite with many developers, can be found in the Games category. Creating a great Java game presents some really difficult development challenges, including the handling of graphics, sound and creative game architecture. In fact, games are often on the cutting edge of Internet technology in an attempt to provide the fastest, most challenging, most realistic experience for players.

But, while games may offer up great examples of Java, they have to be fun, too. So which games are technically the best and also the most entertaining? Well, you told us about your favorites.

This was an interesting batch of winners. The race for the top slots was so tight that, counted as a whole, write-in votes came in third. Voters tended to be passionate about their picks, too, with such comments as: “HackMan rulez!!” scattered liberally through the results. Others took time to give the reasons for their picks: “JavaGOLF is the real deal. It abstracts the game of golf pretty nicely.” Another agreed, saying, “I don’t even like golf, but JavaGOLF has me hooked.” A few explained the full range of their selections: “Warp 1.5 is truly an excellent game. It just needs more levels. Rollerboy is a good way to spend spare time. Don’s Dugout is just plain fun!!” The final word belongs to the surfer who said, “Great fun. What a way to waste … er … spend your time.”

Among votes for specific products, the following three won the laurels:

The other nominees scored in the following order (from highest to lowest):

*These selections tied.

The popular “write your own” category included such choices as:

  • Java Invaders – Rob Malda
  • TankForce!
  • Java Phoenix Emulator
  • Superbowl Showdown
  • JavaBobble
  • Asphyx Assault Fighter
  • Java Tron

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