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Locating Components in Distributed Systems

Burlington, MA, USA, – 30 July 2001 — PrismTech, a leading vendor ofstandards-based Integration Server technologies, today announced theavailability in beta of its new OpenFusion Enterprise Location Server (ELS).OpenFusion ELS includes an integrated JNDI and COS Naming/Trading Serviceimplementation to provide the solution to one of the most pressing issues indistributed computing, how to locate components in J2EE(TM) and CORBA(R)environments.

Distributed computing architectures are frequently used in the constructionof mission-critical applications where high availability is paramount. Suchapplications need the ability to scale without loss of performance. Tosupport this, their architectures include a number of object serversdeployed on a variety of processors with all elements in the architecturereplicated to ensure that there is no single point of failure.

The requirement for high availability frequently leads to the use ofdistributed component architectures such as J2EE(TM) and CORBA(R). However,the resulting challenge is how to dynamically locate components in adistributed environment. Any location service should be able to providecoherent access to components from different technologies in a totallyheterogeneous environment.

Object location technologies should also be able to support dynamic,service-based architectures where multiple providers of a particular serviceare concurrently available. In such environments, it is important to supportnew providers coming on-line offering their service and for clients to beable to issue requests to locate providers based on rich criteria.

Scalable architectures allow the introduction of replicated object serversand for the load to be shared between the replicants. To support this, aload balancer is required which is able to allocate work according to somespecified policy.

OpenFusion ELS provides the solution to all of these issues.

“By including an integrated JNDI and COS Naming implementation OpenFusionELS allows a single naming hierarchy to be used to locate CORBA(R), EJB(TM),and Java(TM) objects and general items (e.g. names of IBM(R) MQ Seriesqueues),” said Steve Trythall, PrismTech’s Product Director. “This alsomeans that the hierarchy can be federated over different Application Servers(e.g. BEA(TM) and Borland(R)) and ORBs (e.g. Iona(R) and Borland(R)) whilstgiving the impression to clients of a single global naming tree.”

“OpenFusion ELS is the latest element of the OpenFusion Integration Serverproduct suite to be launched,” added Keith Steele, PrismTech’s CEO. “It nowmeans that along with the OpenFusion Enterprise Message Server andOpenFusion Enterprise Transformation Server, PrismTech can provide acomplete and open Integration Solution for Fortune 500 companies.”

Free beta evaluation downloads of OpenFusion ELS are available fromPrismTechs website located at:

About PrismTech

PrismTech develops and markets “Integration Server” technology, servingcustomers worldwide in telecommunications, financial services, manufacturingand other markets. PrismTech’s OpenFusion software bridges industrystandards such as J2EE(TM), CORBA(R), XML and SOAP, to add IntegrationServer capability to J2EE(TM) Application Servers and CORBA(R) middlewareplatforms. In standards-based Integration Server technologies such asmessaging, data transformation and location services, PrismTech isrecognized as a world leader with a world-class customer base.

Enterprise Java Beans and Java are trademarks or registered trademarks ofSun Microsystems. OpenFusion is a trademark of PrismTech. All othertrademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Information contained in this press release is provided by PrismTech

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