Microsoft & .NET.NETInternet Happenings -- November 26th, 2001

Internet Happenings — November 26th, 2001

EU Trying to Restrict Cookies

The European Parliament has voted to accept the draft of a law that would require Web sites in those countries to explicitly ask users if they want to accept cookies. Good for the privacy folks, but potentially bad for the e-business side of the Internet.

IBM Ready to Release Intel-Based Server

IBM is planning to release a new four-processor server based on the Intel line of CPUs. This new server pulls in some technology from the IBM mainframe line to potentially enhance what the Intel chips do already. The sever will be based on an as yet to be released version of the Xeon processor that is supposed to have a 50% power boost over current Xeon offerings. The server will be based on IBM’s Enterprise X-Architecture which will allow IBM to get the most performance out of the new CPUs and allow the user to build as many as four of the four processor servers into a 16 processor system.

SSH Hole

If you are running SSH server software in your environment, you need to take a look at this site about a hole that could potentially allow crackers into your system:

New Service Pack for Windows NT

Microsoft has just released a Post SP6a update that is full of all the necessary security patches that you need for your server — now! Get it at

IIS Service Pack

And speaking of cumulative service packs, check this out: This is a site that has a cumulative service pack for IIS with most of the patches since SP 6a. This site has all the patches that don’t require manual intervention by the administrator.

Java as Killer Code

OK, you can use Java for all sorts of programming. The Web is full of it as are many non-web applications. So there you are coding up your next app for the company. Hmm, let’s see, roll down button bars, flashy rollovers, killer robots. Yep, that’s right you can use Java to create killer robots. Well, at least in your computer. Check out this site to get the scoop. Here’s a handy way to learn some Java programming while having fun. You can use the site to create simple 10 line Java robots to more sophisticated versions that will nuke the competition. All brought to you by IBM.

Sun Getting Hotter

Sun has just announced that they expect to ship a copper-based 1.05 GHz UltraSparc III CPU in Sun workstations by early 2002.

Java in Asia

Sun’s telecom partners in Asia will soon announce a deeper use of Java in their mobile phone systems. Sun’s partners have been using Java in all sorts of devices from servers to mobile phones. As the mobile phone is teetering on the brink of being more and more in our lives and more and more responsible for connecting us to each other and to each other’s devices, it appears that Java will be leading the way for these applications. These and other announcements concerning Java are expected to be made at the JavaOne conference in Japan.

Fear May Hold On-line Payment Systems Back

Several companies have technology that could make on-line payment more secure. I recently wrote about one from Visa. It appears that some merchants are reluctant to implement them for fear of losing customers. More security requires more steps and merchants fear that customers will not want to take the extra steps to authenticate themselves.

A Hole in … Windows Media Player???

Yep, you heard right. The Windows Media Player may be giving the bad guys access to your system. The hole is a problem in Windows Media player versions 6.4 and greater and in Media Player XP. For information and a patch see

Monitor Your Motherboard

Here’s an interesting program, Motherboard Monitor 5. Depending on the motherboard that you have and its monitoring capabilities, you can watch fan speed, CPU temperature, and voltages. You can set limits and the type of alarm you want. It also supports SMTP for sending out alarms via email. Check it out at

An Alternative to Office

Gobe Software has released a timed version of their upcoming Productive v 3.0 for Windows. The beta release is available as s free download from their web site. They are most notably known for their application support of the BeOS operating system. Check it out at


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