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Program description:

A syntax highlighted text editor designed for programmers. The user can select between the available programming languages ( such as C++, Pascal, Basic, VRML ), or can define his/her own syntax with ease ( fully visually ). Furtheremore HighLight can save your text file as a UNIX-file, or in HTML or RTF formats beside the plain text. This way you can publish your code on the Internet with syntax highligting, or can insert it into a Word document.

A preview of the text editor

The program is equipped with a special binary editor, with which the user can view and edit the binary data stored in files as 2, 4 or 8-byte integers, or floating point numbers. And what is more: The user can view and edit not only the basic types, but can define structs as well.

A preview of the hexa editor

Other usefull feature of the program is the difference file creator. With this modul you can create the difference of two files. To understant what is it for, let me tell a scenario: For example you are a programer, and your last development is being tested by beta-testers. They found bugs in the program, and report it to you. After you correct the program, you must retransmit the entire exe file to them again. But the file is too big, and the corrections made are so small. It would be much better to send only the difference, and later the beta-testers can reconstruct the new file from the old. With this program you can create difference files from any kind of files ( text or binary ).

Creating a difference file

Available platforms:Win95/NT

Price:Absolutely FREE

One more word:
As HighLight is currently in beta stage, it may have bugs ( hope not;-) ). If you were find one, or had suggestions what I should do better please let me know. Every hint is welcomed.

Download executable – 278 KB

Date Posted: January, 28, 1999

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