Microsoft & .NET.NETIntroduction to the UNO Platform

Introduction to the UNO Platform

Manage Extensions

Two new project templates have been installed:

  • Cross-Platform Library (UNO Platform)
  • Cross-Platform App (UNO Platform)

They are shown in Figure 3.

Project Templates
Figure 3: Project Templates

  1. Select the Cross-Platform App template.
  2. Give it a name and a Location.
  3. Click Create.

There should be five projects in your Solution Explorer. They are:

  • Projectname.Droid
  • Projectname.iOS
  • Projectname.Shared
  • Projectname.UWP
  • Projectname.Wasm

If you encounter any errors while trying to create this project, it is due to the fact that some of your prerequisites are missing. Ensure you have the following Pre-Requisites installed as well:

  • Universal Windows Platform
  • Mobile development with .NET (Xamarin)
  • ASP.NET and Web workload
  • .NET Core 2.2


Exciting times are ahead. Luckily, Microsoft keeps introducing great new tools to help us develop better.

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